Party In The Park

My school in Shibuya held a ‘Hanabi‘ (fireworks) party last Saturday night which was well attended by a mixture of teachers, students and staff. The idea was simply to meet in a park area and eat snacks, play with fireworks and get p*ssed! Some may say that a mixture of alcohol and fire is a potentially lethal concoction and they’re probably right but luckily everything went off without a hitch….I think. I say that as I got a little fired up by the occassion and el vino certainly did flow!

I found myself getting in a taxi with a fellow teacher many, many hours (not to mention many drinks!) later and we ended up in Shinjuku for some reason where I had just over an hour till first train at about 4:30 am. In my drunken state I thought it best to sleep outside the east exit of the station which could be considered to be one of the more dangerous areas of what is pretty much a safe city.

Anyway, I overslept at the station not waking till gone 6 am and I even had my bag of unused alcohol (leftovers gained from the party – ‘waste not want not’) still with me which is a good measure of how safe a place is……….or maybe it was because all my recent exercise and shaven-headed look put the fear into any potential Japanese thieves!!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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