In A Bit Of Hot Water But Not Literally

Sometime last Wednesday our hot water supply was cut off but this was not due to non-payment of the gas bill. Instead the boiler totally conked out meaning that I had to forgo my usual hot shower for five consecutive mornings. Some people say that this kind of thing is “character building” while others just think its a pain in the backside. Of course I was frustrated but I did learn about conserving water.

Boiling a kettle full of water takes a bleeding eternity in our flat so after waiting for about 45 minutes I then poured it into the sink mixed with some cold water. The trouble then comes in that I had to use that water for washing my hair and body as well as shaving as its not really conceivable to boil more water.

This process began by dipping my head in the sink and then washing my hair before rinsing it off with the cold shower water. Once that was done I put my face in the hot water making it warm for a shave which I had to do without shaving gel as I have always just shaved without it in the hot water of a shower.

I also needed to be careful not to get any of those little hairs from the razor in the water which I again did by rinsing under the shower each time. Finally I could wash my face in the water and then use my sponge to give my body a strip wash. A far too compliacted and lengthy process all together and I certainly now appreciate those simple showers now the hot water is back on.

About tokyofox

A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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