The Pain Of Parents Observations!

Now this is maybe not what you think but to do with an injury I picked up in a kids lesson last Wednesday. For the last fortnight parents have had the opportunity to observe their children in one of their lessons. My Tuesday and Wednesday schedules are littered with lessons for the young ‘uns and so I have endured a few extra bodies in rooms which are already overcrowded at times. To be honest I don’t actually mind so much as the kids behave better although sometimes they can be so intimidated that they don’t want to speak.

While playing a stand up/sit down game of “Yes I do/No I don’t” (in response to the question “Do you want to go……?”) I went to jump down from my chair but my trouser leg (typically on my best pair) got caught on a part of the chair and ripped a little which resulted in me landing on my big toe and screaming in pain.

Fortune favours the brave and so not being one to curl up and die I soldiered on not really feeling any bad pain until I actually finished work. By then it was difficult to walk without a limp as it hurt when there was downward pressure on it.

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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