I Was A Leeeetle Bit Drunk!

After doing cover work yesterday I went for yaki-niku and on to karaoke with a few colleagues in Ikebukuro. That reminded me of my last appearance in karaoke three weeks ago where I slept my way through the nights proceedings. In my defence I had spent 17 hours travelling back from Melbourne (from my sisters house to my house) the day before and then worked all day on the Saturday before going straight out to a farewell party for outgoing Director of Studies (DOS) Louise. Of course the 10 pints consumed didn’t help my cause either!! Anyway, thanks to Jo you can now see these photos of me from the night.

Tokyo2007%2B166 Tokyo2007%2B168 Tokyo2007%2B182 Tokyo2007%2B187 Tokyo2007%2B193 Tokyo2007%2B201 Tokyo2007%2B202 Tokyo2007%2B205

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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