One Love Jamaican Festival 2008

This Jamaican festival took place a few weeks ago (Sunday 18th May) in Yoyogi Park and I was there inevitably filling the day with my p*ss-poor Jamaican accent (“Yeah Mon!” and “Beer-can” etc), Bob Marley jokes* and ‘Cool Runnings‘ references which kept my colleague Bridget and her friend Claire amused for literally erm seconds!

The park was packed with loads of people enjoying the sunshine, atmosphere, stalls, food (jerk chicken), alcohol (of course!), Jamaican speaking lessons (Wha gwarn) and live reggae music featuring random mentions of Bob Marley song titles like ‘One Love’ and ‘Jamming’ thrown in for good measure.

For all I know they may have been singing his songs but it certainly wasn’t obvious to me and I do possess one Marley album in my collection. Overall it was a good day out and I look forward to the upcoming festivals throughout the summer.

* “How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? – With jammin’, with jammin’, with jammin’, with jammin’!!”

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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