Tokyo Daytripper: Tobu Dobutsukoen

Four days off last week but no overseas travel this time as I didn’t have the money nor the energy! Instead I stayed local beginning last Tuesday with a trip to Tobudobutsukoen (Tobu Zoological Park) with my girlfriend. Less than an hour away from where I live this place combines three popular day-trip activities all into one.

As it wasn’t a public holiday the place was unbelievably desserted save for a few mothers with their children and the usual tarty girls who never cease to amaze me by wearing high heels with their swimming bikinis. Would be deemed very tarty back home but they can get away with it here for its considered cute not that I’m gonna complain as this seemingly endless supply of flesh is one of the best things about living in Tokyo but I digress!

The Tobu Super Pool was far from being super but was pleasant enough with a wave machine and a short but OK rapids style slide which you descend on a huge inflatable ring designed for two people.

Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 002 Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 016

The zoo part came next and we saw flamingos, horses, kangaroos, crocodiles, monkeys (a little bored of these now having seen them in the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia this year), camels, bison, lesser panda, owls, penguins and some firefly house spectacle which was really dull.

Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 027 Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 029 Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 034 Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 047

The ride highlights included Regina which is the wooden rollercoaster construction built amid a nice water setting. This ride really did bring a new meaning to the word headache as we were really jolted around for the duration of the three minute ride which is long by rollercoaster standards. It stll didn’t stop me going on again albeit by myself and this time I was the only one on the ride.



Kawasemi is the recently opened rollercoaster and was great fun with a drop at the start which had a gradient less than 70 degrees. It was full of twists and had a loop and a great speed sensation during the one minute ride.

Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 056 Tobu Zoo Park, July '08 053

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