Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure!

That great Homer Simpson quote is fairly apt for me after last Fridays pi*s-poor effort by yours truly at Umemoto restaurant which is a stones throw away from where I live in Zoshigaya. With nothing better to do late Friday afternoon and starving I decided to take on the challenge of eating tsukemen (translates as deep noodles I think) which is basically a mountain of noodles and maybe enough to feed four people. So as not to waste food there is a bakken (fine) of 700 yen (approx. 3.50 GBP) which I was thinking I would probably have to pay but I never thought I’d perform as badly as I did. By mistake I chose a soup to go with the noodles that I’m not so keen on so that was a bad start and in the end I don’t think I even got a third of the way through the dish which kind of became a little boring for me after a while. “Your eyes are bigger than your belly” is what my mum used to say when I couldn’t manage the requested extra. Of course I’ve known that to be true for ages following ‘all-you-can-eat’ feasts and I think its safe that I will now stick to a basic ramen dish when I return to the aforementioned restaurant in my neighbourhood.

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