Dining Out: Crunching And Munching On A Big Sausage

If you think this is just a cheap excuse for some lame willy-related innuendo then for once you’re much mistaken. I recently went with my girlfriend to an izakaya in Ikebukuro where big seemed to be the order of the day in terms of massive beers, and mega long pizza and sausage.

On paying for it via Mastercard I didn’t know too much about the world financial crisis (I’ve since heard nothing but news of the credit crunch!) and so were unaware of how much the exchange rate has changed between the pound and the yen in the last 12 months. Back then when I had money to change the rate was 240 yen to the pound but now I don’t have cash (and consequently have to use credit cards) its less than 160 yen for one pound. Blo*dy typical!

Japan may be one ot the most technologically advanced countries but it is still such a cash-based society (maybe in small part due to the relative safety of it compared to other countries) meaning credit cards can’t even be used in some places which is maybe no bad thing in these financially difficult times given the poor exchange rate.

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