About six or seven years ago there was a show on the BBC called ‘Adam & Joe Go Tokyo’ which was a very enjoyable eight part series on Tokyo life presented by the funny duo. In one episode they went busking in Yoyogi Park and performed a song which can be seen here and is basically a few simple question word phrases and train station names being sung before the chorus culminates with them shouting Akabane-bashi!

Since then I have always been fond of the station called Akabane-bashi. Little did I know that it was near Tokyo Tower in Roppongi rather than actually near Akabane station in Saitama. Of course I could have looked at a map but to be honest I wasn’t that obsessed with the place. Anyway, last Friday after seeing the giant rugby ball Michael and myself found ourselves at the station featured in the chorus of the aforementioned song. If you have read this far without ever having seen the video then you’ll probably have no idea what this blog entry is about!


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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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