Bobby Smith R.I.P.

Like most football fans I have occasionally thought about my favourite all-time Leicester City team gathered from those who have donned the Foxes shirt over the 26 years which I have supported them. Far more interesting than that is the idea of saying which team of which season is my favourite ever. I would have to say ineviably that the Martin O’Neill side of the late 1990’s is the greatest but I do have a fondness for the 1983-85 era team when my dad first started to take me down to Filbert Street.

Whilst I would struggle to name the first team at the moment I have no problem remembering the side that represented City in those first couple of years under Gordon Milne when we were in the top flight albeit down near the bottom. The likes of Gary Lineker and Alan Smith were part of that team and went on to become household names but the others were maybe not so well-known outside of Leicester.

However, I idolised them all and they played a huge part in my early childhood both in terms of seeing them live and collecting their stickers for the Panini sticker albums. It was with great sadness then that I heard yesterday that Bobby Smith, the full back from that mid-1980’s era, had died of cancer at the age of 56. I am ashamed to say that I don’t remember too much about his play but he will be remembered for his hairstyle and ‘tache as well as being part of that side which I will always remember nostalgically. Rest In Peace.

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