It’Snow Problem Having A Good Time In Hakuba

Woke up a bit stiff on Monday morning and with a little pain in my a*se too……and that can only be because I spent a long weekend on the slopes of Hakuba 47 and Hakuba Goryu. An all night bus took myself and Ethan up into the mountains of Nagano last Thursday night/Friday morning for three days of snowboarding, drinking, repetitive conversations and cr*ppy juvenile jokes.

This was my first snowboarding adventure for the season but I picked up where I left off last year and with some peer group pressure from Ethan i was able to carve through the snow rather than just constantly continuing with my unorthodox side to side style (always facing down the slope and switching my front foot each time).

However, my carving style was more restricted to the cross country style courses which i much preferred to the more straightforward slopes where I was too chicken to carve too much as I inevitably went too fast, got scared, lost control and fell over.

HakubaFeb'07 013 HakubaFeb'07 029 HakubaFeb'07 026 HakubaFeb'07 002 HakubaFeb'07 007 HakubaFeb'07 016

Following our first days boarding we had a much needed nap in our slopeside condominium before getting on with the more important matter of drinking which we did at a few local hotspots which were all pretty quiet despite the hyped up flyers for the places. Saturday night didn’t fare much better for us either as we ended up getting an expensive taxi and countless Genki-Go buses to areas which were supposed to be better places to go out but we didn’t think so as they too were dead so we returned to a place we went the night before and saw a live band among a few more people.

HakubaFeb'07 019 HakubaFeb'07 014 HakubaFeb'07 004 HakubaFeb'07 021

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5 Responses to It’Snow Problem Having A Good Time In Hakuba

  1. Ethan says:

    Very nice, short and sweet, but I prefer long and hard so that’s why I made the every so accurate detailings of our trip!

  2. Clare says:

    Long and hard, short and sweet… I on the right blog!!!! Is there something about your trip I should know about Glennie boy! HAHAHAHA. I always had my doubts.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Melissa says:

    Hey Glen!The ski-ing looks pretty cool…never tried the snowboard though,is it hard? Great views and looks like there is plenty of snow!Mel

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