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Going Underground To Explore One Of Japan’s Most Dystopian Stations

An unstaffed and virtually abandoned Japanese train station located deep beneath the surface but this is not that famous one in Gunma Prefecture! 160 kilometres north-west of Doai station is this similar nuclear shelter-like one in Niigata Prefecture which has an … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Shutter (2008)

The horror movie genre is one that I’ve never been into so much but I have seen enough films to not be too scared as there is a limit to what can make you jump out of your skin. That … Continue reading

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Experience Death Once Before Your Time Is Actually Up!

It is said that the only thing certain in life is death. The next world is one you supposedly should not miss, and this quirky little museum in Shizuoka Prefecture hopes to help you experience the world of the Japanese … Continue reading

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My Favourite Inari Shrine For Each Of Tokyo’s 23 Wards

This compilation post features my favourite Inari shrine from each of Tokyo’s 23 wards. It was admittedly slim pickings for some of the wards so certainly don’t expect to be impressed by all 23! Justifying my choice for each of … Continue reading

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Witnessing An Historic Upset In The 102nd Emperor’s Cup Final

New Years Day signals new beginning but the Emperor’s Cup Final on January 1st usually brings the curtain down on the previous years domestic Japanese football season. However, this years semi-finals and final dates were much earlier due to the … Continue reading

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A Whirlwind Tour Of 7 Prefectures In 4 Days!

Kyoto Station pretty much marked the end of this whirlwind four day trip but it wasn’t the happiest of endings as the bullet trains were all delayed and so I had to wait for over an hour till they were … Continue reading

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Retrospective Alphabet Dating In Greater Tokyo S00E03: J-M

  Whilst season two of alphabet dating is taking place I thought I could fill that void with a restrospecive series which is certainly an easier operation as they were not done in alphabetical order which can be a little … Continue reading

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Watching My First Football Match At The National Stadium In Tokyo

Suzuka was very much the centre of attention for sport this afternoon with the most eye-catching event being Round 18 of the 2022 Formula One championship. However, 400 kilometres away the local football team, known as Suzuka Point-Getters, were playing … Continue reading

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TF Top 10……Star Wars Events In Japan Since The Disney Takeover A Decade Ago

  It’s been ten years since Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. It was certainly a news story I didn’t see coming but I’ve never had any problem with the takeover  although I really wasn’t so keen for the films … Continue reading

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This Doll Temple Houses Japan’s Largest Seated Tumbling-Doll Statue

Japan has many symbols of luck and good fortunes such as the maneki neko cat figurines, omamori (protective amulets) and omikuji (paper fortunes) but one of the more interesting ones is the tumbling doll known as daruma. Having been to a few daruma-related places … Continue reading

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