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Dining Out: Umemoto In Zoshigaya

Yet another food story I’m afraid. Since I started jogging (over 3 months now and counting!) I have seen a lot more of my local area and on the days when I have ran in daylight I have often been past a tiny little … Continue reading

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Dining Out: A Sparrow In The Works!

On Saturday night I went to an early 20th century Japanese themed izakaya here in Ikebukuro which was full of many cheap dishes including some more unusual ones such as frog which I sampled. No problem eating this and it just tasted … Continue reading

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Beating The Queues

I have talked before about how Japanese people are prepared to queue up outside restaurants for long times if it means getting good quality food. As one who has not much sense of taste when it comes to food I … Continue reading

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Welcome To The (Concrete) Jungle!

My Canadian friend Christine (who I have been mates with since our time working together at N*va a couple of years back) came back to Tokyo recently as she missed her Japanese boyfriend. Proof that it’s not just the guys who … Continue reading

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O-eshiki Festival At Kishibijojin Temple

Not really being doing much lately as been so busy with work and the cover shifts that have come my way. Thats why I have been resorting to writing about general observations rather than doings. Maybe also a sign that after two and a … Continue reading

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Japanese Service With A Smile

“How many Japanese workmen does it take to change a lightbulb? Ten – one to change it and nine others to stand around watching him doing it!!” That may be a cr*p joke but at times it seems like Japan has zero … Continue reading

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I Am The ‘Spokes’ Person Against Japanese Cyclists!

This may be a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ but what the hell. These things happen as we grow up I guess. I spent most of the first 23 years of my life cycling to and from school and … Continue reading

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Losing Track Of Time

One of the great things about Japan is the amazing punctuality of its trains. They are timed to the very precise second. However, when there is even the sligtest of delays it becomes frustrating but why? When I used to get … Continue reading

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Living Under An English Umbrella

Was in a British bar on Sunday night for a works leaving party and who should walk in but Liverpool indie band ‘The Zutons‘ who were playing a gig the following night. Thought it was a bit sad that they ended up … Continue reading

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