Living Under An English Umbrella

Was in a British bar on Sunday night for a works leaving party and who should walk in but Liverpool indie band ‘The Zutons‘ who were playing a gig the following night. Thought it was a bit sad that they ended up in such a place when they’re probably only in the country for a week. I think I can get away with it as I’ve been here a long time now and feel that they are far more convenient than the Japanese izakaya’s where you always have to pay a small sum for a starter dish that I don’t want and also being sat down at a table the whole time and not being able to move about is not something I am always too keen on.

It also got me thinking that maybe the reason I like Japan is not because I’m living a full Japanese lifestyle but because I’m living in the comfort of a very English existence or “Under an English umbrella” as a wise-man once said to me. Sorry to ruin the illusion some of you may have but I’m not sat at a low table in my room eating sushi in my kimono with a geisha sharpening my samurai sword while watching the sumo on TV. Well not always anyway!!

Instead I read English in terms of books and magazines, I listen to English via BBC radio on-line and downloadable podcasts, I watch English satelite TV and download the stuff from back home and of course I speak English both in my job and predominantly in my social life too. I speak English to my Japanese friends who I met in Australia mostly out of habit not that I’m capable of having a decent Japanese conversation anyway. My other Japanese friends are keen to learn and practise their English

In fact it’s only really when I leave my house that I know I’m really in Japan. I do eat Japanese food most of the time but of course the golden arches are always in sight should I want a bit more of an international taste though even then I tend to choose the teriyaki burger which is only available in Japan. Nothing better than the ‘real’ taste of a country!!

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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1 Response to Living Under An English Umbrella

  1. Gideon says:

    I know the feeling- that makes three of us under English-speaking umbrellas! Most people I’m with want to speak English with me, too and I keep on watching the same kind of things I would anyway. Luckily for me I really like walking around in Japan, seeing everything as it’s always interesting. It still amazes me and people are usually friendly.
    But even after about 9 years what’s going on inside my mind hasn’t changed much. The ‘net’s’ made a big difference for me, as when I’m online I could be anywhere, but it’s all in the same internet.

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