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A Spook-tacular Halloween (2018)

The tragic events of last weekend’s helicopter crash back in Leicester didn’t exactly put me in the mood for doing this kids party to celebrate Halloween but, as they say, the show must go on. It’s all part of a … Continue reading

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The Virtually Abandoned Station Just Over The Border From Tokyo

Recent travels in the northern parts of Japan’s mainland have seen me whizzing past many unmanned stations. It’s not really a surprise to see them in the countryside but it’s rare to see such a thing so close to Tokyo. … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: The Town In Tochigi Built On A Mountain Of Stone

   It is very rare to find an inland town built on a mountain of stone as they are usually found on the coastlines and valleys of Japan caused by earthquakes or volcanoes. That’s not the case though for this … Continue reading

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The Sighting Of This Mysterious Hotel Is Very Much For Real

There really is no difficulty in identifying this particular building over in one of Tokyo’s bordering prefectures.   It’s not often I venture on over to Chiba these days other than for flights from Narita Airport or the annual Tokyo … Continue reading

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Feel Like You’re In The Army At This Self Defense Force Center Just Outside Tokyo

The Ground Self Defense Force Nerima Garrison (10 minutes walk from Tobu Nerima Station on the Tobu Tojo Line) is a place I used to regularly cycle past about eight years ago on the way to one of my workplaces and, as someone … Continue reading

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This Doll Temple In Shizuoka Prefecture Is Like No Other!

Everything about this temple looks pretty much like any other……except for the two six-metre tall red and blue daruma dolls sitting on the wings of the main hall. For those who don’t know, daruma is a traditional Japanese buddhist doll deemed to … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures Along The Keio Line #4 – Earth Tech Char Sub-One

The Keio Line principally connects Shinjuku to the western side of Tokyo with seven different lines running through to the likes of suburban city Hachiōji and the mountainous area at Takaosanguchi. All of it’s stations actually lie within the boundaries of Tokyo and, thanks to … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Batman Ninja (2018)

It was really nice to see Batman in animated form for a colourful, witty and entertaining movie……but that’s enough about last years ‘The Lego Batman Movie‘!! This Japanese-produced film is a distant second to that though and I really do … Continue reading

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An Egyptian Pyramid Amidst Japanese Forest! You Better Believe It!

The most popular place in Africa for Japanese to visit is definitely Egypt with the 4,500 year old Pyramids the prime reason for them travelling there. That’s no surprise of course but very few (from the people I’ve spoken to … Continue reading

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A Japanese Ogre In Oga, Akita Architecture & Train Travel Tales Through Yamagata

Way too much time was spent on local trains during this six day trip in the northern parts of mainland Japan but that was the basic idea of it all really! Day five began at Odate Station in Akita prefecture … Continue reading

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