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This is the follow up to the ‘A Lot of dieting is wishful shrinking’ article which I wrote a couple of months back and the title refers to ‘The Sun’s’ headline when the comedian Ricky Gervais was papped running with his … Continue reading

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The Kids Are All Right…

Its been a very busy September for most of the teachers in my company with lots of cover shifts and last Sunday was no exception. My job was to go to a party but before you think that sounds a … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Tokyo Bay Cruise

My English school organised for us to go on a ‘Tokyo Bay Cruise‘ last Sunday night. I went on the huge party boat last year but not with my company and the weather back then was fine as it luckily … Continue reading

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No Sleep Tonight

It is often said to be a good idea to follow the local customs when you’re not in your own country. Something along the lines of ‘when in Rome do as many Romans as you can!’ Sleeping seems to be … Continue reading

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Keeping Up Appearances

No this is not about the BBC comedy of the same name but an observation (with a heavy reliance on generalisations and stereotypes of course!) about the millions of kawaii (cute) Japanese girls for whom it seems appearance is everything. Nothing … Continue reading

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

While walking through Shibuya on Sunday evening a few of us encountered an Oxygen bar. These have been becoming more common of late and so we thought we should sample it and so proceeded to sit in front of bubbling bottles of … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Ghibli Museum

Just after I came back to Japan in May 2005 and following the release of anime band Gorillaz’ second album I tried my hand at drawing manga too and even bought a book on the subject. Sadly the novelty wore off quite … Continue reading

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The 50th Tokyo Koenji Awaodori Festival

After my previous nights excursions I wasn’t feeling so great when I woke up in the afternoon but as someone who is restless I decided to meet up with my friend Asif (plus two of his mates) and go to a festival in Koenji. … Continue reading

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Party In The Park

My school in Shibuya held a ‘Hanabi‘ (fireworks) party last Saturday night which was well attended by a mixture of teachers, students and staff. The idea was simply to meet in a park area and eat snacks, play with fireworks … Continue reading

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