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Anna & The King Filming Locations In Penang

My girlfriend wasn’t really interested in looking around George Town, particularly on foot, so with that in mind I left her in bed for an hour or so each morning while I went out to explore. I wanted to see the … Continue reading

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Malaysia 2010: Penang Pt I – Parasailing and Dr Fish!

With a forecast of heavy rain every day in Penang we were very lucky to experience only brief moments of drizzle but on the whole it was mostly hot weather. Inevitably that resulted in me getting sunburned (feet and head) … Continue reading

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TF Film Review: The A-Team (2010)

So having worked my way through the A-Team TV series DVD boxsets in the first half of this year I had become overly familiar with the original characters. With that in mind my expectations for the movie were quite low! … Continue reading

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The A-Team – TV Series

This American action/adventure TV series was probably my favourite as a child and 24 years after it was axed I have to say that I still love it. While a lot of TV shows from one’s childhood are often not … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox’s World Cup 2010 Overview

So after four weeks the final whistle has blown on the World Cup and now my life can hopefully return to as normal as possible meaning no more split sleeping shifts, sleep deprivation or catching 40 winks in between lessons. On … Continue reading

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Back To The Future 25th Anniversary

Many people assume that Star Wars is my favourite film but that’s probably just because of the EU (expanded universe) and its endless amount of products. ‘Back To The Future‘ (1985) is actually my number one film of all time … Continue reading

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Hugo In Tokyo Pt III – Tourist Central

Hugo’s first few days were spent very much in Tokyo’s urban centre taking in the typical guidebook sites. I took him to the likes of Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya on day one with the former including the Metroplitan government building which … Continue reading

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Hugo In Tokyo Pt II – Hiking

Without a guidebook and pretty much no knowledge of what was in Tokyo, Hugo came with very few ideas other than going to a zoo, a beach and a water-park! Of course these things are all probably a bit different … Continue reading

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Hugo In Tokyo Pt I – The World Cup

My friend Hugo arrived from Sweden on June 19th with a promise of spending my week off with him sightseeing, drinking and watching the World Cup. The former part can be seen in more detail in the next couple of … Continue reading

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