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The Ice-Man Commeth…….As Cool As You Like!

Took a break from the intense Tokyo summer heat last Friday and went ice-skating in Takadanobaba near where I live. It was maybe 10 years ago when I was at University that I went for the first time (apart from early childhood … Continue reading

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Taiwan 2006 – My Stay In Taipei

Taipei is admittedly one of those places I never really had much interest in visiting but realistic options are fairly limited when you only have a few days available. After my research though I was very much looking forward to … Continue reading

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Summer Sonic 2006

For the second year in a row I went to Summer Sonic music festival in Chiba where fortunately the predicted rain and thunder held off unlike on the previous day which i didn’t go to. I have commented on the … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Almost Non-Stop Queueing At Fuji-Q Highland

On Thursday I went to Fuji-Q Highland which is in the foreground of Mount Fuji. Having had to sit apart from my old N*va mate Ethan on the bus (Asif arrived only a few minutes before our bus left and subsequently … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Cruising Around Some Of Tokyo’s Tourist Spots

With not much to do during the first week of my summer holidays I met up with an old friend Izumi and went to Asakusa last Wednesday in the rain. This old downtown area is usually part of most Tokyo visitors … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday & Time For A Break

As the title infers it is my birthday today and I enter the final year of my twenties. Call me miserable but I have never really been one to celebrate my birthday too much so I am glad to be … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Life’s A Beach in Onjuku

On the Boso Peninsula in south-east Chiba (the eastern neighbouring prefecture to Tokyo) is a beautiful white sand beach and last Friday I travelled for about 2.5 hours to spend the day on it and it was quite an experience. It was in … Continue reading

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A Lot Of Dieting Is Wishful Shrinking!!

The recent World Cup resulted in me consuming more beer than usual as well as irregular eating and sleeping habits. On top of that I haven’t really done any regular exercise since I stopped playing indoor football on the graveyard … Continue reading

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A Surprise Visitor Leads To A Day of Maid Cafes, Harajuku Cosplay, Shibuya Dining & Late Night Ramen!

Sundays are all about having a lie-in for many and I was most looking forward to one last Sunday until I was awoken by my friend Keisuke (a guy who I travelled with in Australia) mailing me to say he was in Tokyo. … Continue reading

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A Nice ‘Only In Japan’ Moment

From time to time I do make light-hearted fun of the Japanese but one of the nicest things about living here is its safety in terms of crime. As for natural phenomena like earthquakes, typhoons and so on, that is … Continue reading

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