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I’m Now A Qualified Teacher!

After five years of teaching English I now finally have a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate which is a professional teaching qualification recognised internationally. For the last six months I have been getting up every Sunday … Continue reading

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Pepsi Shiso

Summer 2007 – Pepsi Ice Cucumber Summer 2008 – Pepsi Blue Hawaii Summer 2009 – Pepsi Shiso (a perennial herb in the mint family if you were wondering what the hell shiso is)   

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Dining Out: A Hiss-terical Snake Shaped Sausage

Back in November last year there was the massive long sausage and last week I came across one in the shape of a cobra snake at Antonio Inoki Saka-Bar which is a themed bar in Ikebukuro owned by an ex-Japanese wrestling … Continue reading

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TF Film Review: Terminator Salvation (2009)

The Japanese release of this new installment in the Terminator franchise was for once only a couple of weeks after the western world and having bought my ticket in advance a few weeks ago (saves 500 yen!) I went to … Continue reading

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Sauna Belts – A Good Idea Or A Waist Of Time?

About three years ago I left my camera memory card in the convenience store machine late one night and had to run back out to get it. This being Japan, it was of course still where I left it and … Continue reading

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Bats A Big Hit

It might surprise a few of those back home that it is baseball which is the number one sport here in Japan. Now I have never liked the game despite going to a game a few years back. However, I … Continue reading

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Using Top Trumps Cards In English Lessons

No this entry isn’t about letting rip in class but using Top Trumps cards as a tool for learning. After making some James Bond actor profile flashcards a few months ago (featuring their age, hair and eye colour and height) for … Continue reading

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Umbrella Day In Japan

Today marks Umbrella day in Japan which just goes to show that it’s not just England which comes up with ridiculously themed days. This is supposed to mark the start of the rainy season in Japan which lasts for a … Continue reading

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Green Tea Flavoured Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most famous and popular soft drink in the world and though its everywhere in Japan it’s not the number one drink here. That honour goes to green tea which is such a major part of its … Continue reading

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Dining Out: My Return To Yoshinoya For Their New M-eel

One of the first restaurants I made repeat visits to when I initially came to Japan was Yoshinoya 吉野家 which is a Japanese style fast food restaurant specialising in gyu-don (literally meaning ‘beef bowl’). Early in 2004 Japan stopped importing … Continue reading

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