Using Top Trumps Cards In English Lessons

No this entry isn’t about letting rip in class but using Top Trumps cards as a tool for learning. After making some James Bond actor profile flashcards a few months ago (featuring their age, hair and eye colour and height) for a comparatives and superlatives lesson I got the idea that trump cards might work in lessons.

Subsequently, I went on ebay and bought five sets of cheap ‘Top Trumps’ (three lots of ‘Star Wars‘ and two of ‘The Simpsons‘ if you must know!) which I got sent to Japan. Given that the Simpsons aren’t well-known here I have only used the ‘Star Wars‘ ones. I teach a couple of young private students (separate lessons) who are both young ‘Star Wars‘ fans so I have used the top trumps cards with them as a warm-down fun activity to make sure they leave the room on a high rather than having just been told what their homework is which is not an ideal way to finish a lesson given the negative connotations often associated with the dreaded ‘h’ word.

Top Trump Lessons

Some of the items such as ‘dark side’ and ‘force factor’ have to be ignored but the likes of brains, jedi powers, battle skills and of course height can be used to practice the target language review

i.e. Chewbacca is taller than Darth Vader, Han Solo is more skilful than Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi is more powerful than Princess Leia and so on.

I only wish I could now find a way to incorporate ‘The Simpsons‘ ones into a lesson but maybe some of the items up for comparison are not so suitable. By this I am referring to personal hygiene, shamelessness, huggability and prone to mayhem. Then again, maybe eliciting something like Homer Simpson is more prone to mayhem than Chief Wiggum isn’t so bad after all!

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