Dining Out: Donguri Floating Restaurant (Including Video!)

The days of kaiten-zushi (conveyor-belt sushi) may be coming to an end as they get replaced by express delivery direct to tables but that original style lives on at this restaurant where dishes arrive via the water.


Only a fortnight after visiting the vending machine restaurant in Gunma I was yet again combining some J-League football with a quirky, fun restaurant and I just had to Continue reading

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Day Trip To Numazu

Numazu is at the northern end of the Izu Peninsula on the opposite side to Atami and a place that I went to back in November whilst staying with my parents in law for a couple of nights. My wife was otherwise Continue reading

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Cosplaying At Tokyo ComicCon 2017


This year was the first time I wasn’t sure what costume to wear and indeed I actually took a couple with me (Jawa and X-Wing pilot) but ended up sticking to just one as the whole process of getting Continue reading

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Tokyo ComicCon 2017


Now in its second proper year, this convention returned to Japan for an extended three full days this year with the promise of a bigger event featuring a lot more Continue reading

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A Temple Statue In Monzennakacho That Speaks To You!


On the face of it, Hojo-in Temple seems like a fairly nondescript run-of-the-mill temple but there is an interesting feature lying within the place which is just a five minute walk from Monzen-Nakacho station on the Tozai Line or the Toei Oedo Line.

Inside one of the buildings sits a fearful (but slightly comical!) red-faced Enma Daio (a.k.a. King Yama) who is the Judge of the Underworld. He is supposedly the first Continue reading

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On The Trail Of John Rain (雨) Part XI – Tokyo

In 2014 Barry Eisler penned a prequel book called ‘Graveyard Of Memories‘ which took us back to the Tokyo city of 1972 and the ninth John Rain novel ‘Zero Sum’ throws forward a decade to 1982. I’m not sure if Rain will return to modern day action again but for now there’s plenty of milage to be gained from dipping into his past.


The latest book was released at the end of June this year but I thought that it was Continue reading

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Japan’s 3rd Largest Buddha Statue Is Actually In Tokyo!

When it comes to buddha statues, the ones in Kamakura and Nara are the most likely to be at the forefront of most peoples minds (and rightly so!) but there is an impressive one tucked away far from a station in the northern suburbs of Tokyo.


Despite the accolade of being the third largest bronze buddha in Japan, the not-so-originally named Tokyo Daibutsu doesn’t seem to feature in any guide books and is very much off the beaten track. It can be found at Continue reading

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