Black Ice Cream, Modern Architecture, Neon Lights & The Red Light District!

When it comes to sights in Osaka, many people really struggle to come up with anything much beyond Osaka-jo Castle, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and Dōtonbori shopping street but there are of course many, many things to see and do. As has become customary in recent times, Tokyo Fox has compiled a few lesser known “sights” which are worthy of more attention.


Thanks to Facebook targeting me with adverts for Red Duck Post videos, I became aware of Happy Labo (11am – 7pm) which specialises in frozen popcorn (that results in smoke coming out of your mouth!) and black ice cream. It is located at Continue reading

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The Station Platform In Osaka With A Tree Growing Through It

The previous post on Tokyo Fox was about a road going through a building and by pure chance it’s quite a unique situation in the east of Osaka city whereby a large camphor tree is growing in the middle of a train station platform!


Just ten minutes away (by semi-express train on the Keihan Main Line) from Kyobashi station in central Osaka is  Continue reading

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The Building In Osaka With A Road Going Through It

Once I was done at Bentencho Station I had some time to kill before going over to the east of Osaka to visit my friend Oki so was taking the the JR Osaka Loop Line round to Kyobashi station when I noticed something interesting between Fukushima and Osaka stations. I thought my eyes were deceiving me at first but it seemed like there was a highway going right through it.

With time on my side, I got off at Osaka station and rode back one stop to investigate this building. Less than ten minutes away on foot is the 16 floor  Continue reading

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Hidden Gems Near Bentencho Station (Osaka)

Very few tourists visiting Osaka seem to venture over to Bentencho Station which is the most western point (train map-wise!) on the JR Osaka Loop Line. I certainly didn’t see anyone (tourists or otherwise!) as I went in search of a B-grade sight just ten minutes away on foot from the station which is also on the Osaka Metro Chūō Line.

I got more than I bargained for though as I saw a couple of other vaguely interesting things in close vicinity. My intention was just to see a kind of bridge (yes, I really am that sad!) when I noticed a building in the other direction with something standing in the window looking at me. On closer inspection I was most surprised to see what it really was.


Route 43 is an extremely busy road with a high volume of traffic which dissects the two main features of this post. Needless to say, the vast majority of drivers and passengers don’t even notice the structure lurking in the window of this golden-sand coloured building but Continue reading

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A Visit To Japan’s Newest Top Flight Stadium


Modern stadia may look impressive but the match day experience can be diluted far too often as the new places fail to recreate the atmosphere that had probably been built up over decades and decades at the old ground. It takes time for fans to get used to being in an unfamiliar setting around people they don’t know. Of course, form is vitally important and if most home matches are being won then it makes the switch a lot easier.

The stadiums of FC Tokyo and Yokohama Marinos are nice enough but they are pretty bad for watching J. League football at. However, the Suita City Football Stadium (now officially known as Panasonic Stadium Suita) was Continue reading

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On The Trail Of Shin Godzilla #4 – Kamakura

Lots of visitors to Tokyo often take day-trips to the likes of Nikko, Hakone and Kamakura after spending a few days in the capital city. It’s a similar story for Godzilla in ‘Shin Gojira‘ (2016) as he ends up in the latter having first arrived in Shinagawa and Ota wards respectively.

The many temples are of course the main reason anyone visits Kamakura but not for Tokyo Fox though who was on a mission to locate the filming locations from what was the 31st installment in the Godzilla franchise. The radioactive lizard emerges from the ocean on 36 minutes as he arrives at Cape Inamura which is just a few minutes away on foot from Inamuragaseki station on the Enoden Line. He is first seen in the distance next to Enoshima, and the huge greenhouse structure of the Samuel Cocking Garden can be seen protruding from the island if you really zoom in on the screenshot below!


Moments later he Continue reading

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The Complete A-Z Of Filming Locations On Tokyo Fox


Back in April 2008 I went to Phuket (Thailand) and soon realised that I was more interested in seeing the island from the James Bond film ‘The Man With The Golden Gun‘ (1974), and the hostel and beach from ‘The Beach‘ (2000) rather than your typical usual touristy sights. Of course a couple of those places I’ve just mentioned are sights in their own right but the hostel certainly isn’t and that was fun. Whilst I did dally with the ‘Cast Away‘ (2000) shooting spots in Fiji back in 2002, it is that trip to Thailand which really ignited my interest in filming locations. I have gone on to experience the locales for over 150 movies since then with a handful of TV shows and music video locations thrown in for good measure too. Here is the complete list…


About A Boy, 2002 (More details here)

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, 1994 (More details here)

Amadeus, 1984 (More details here)

Amélie, 2001 (More details here)

The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012 (More details here)

Angels & Demons, 2009 (More details here) Continue reading

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