Unstaffed Stations Of Japan #3 – Inazusa

Think of train stations in Japan and the mighty Shinjuku station is sure to come to mind for many people. That is the world’s busiest train station, and Japan monopolises the top 50 list with only five of them not in this country. However, at the other end of the scale are some tiny stations which are usually unstaffed and used by very few commuters. Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: The Relics Of The Japanese Army’s WWII Military Facility


An abandoned building in a field in the middle of nowhere might not interest too many but when I heard about this place I was keen to check it out. The fact that it was a relatively straightforward journey for me increased my desire to see it but of course it wasn’t quite that simple.

Take the Tobu Toju Line all the way north up to Ogawamachi (TJ33) in Saitama, change to the JR Hachiko Line, and Continue reading

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Foxed In The Head: Cycling To All Inari Shrines In Tokyo’s 23 Wards – #12 Nakano

#12. Nakano

Cycling may be something that I love to do but I’m not really one who goes for a ride without some kind of aim whether it be to a restaurant, a sight or just my workplace. With that in mind, and desperate to get out on my new bike, I decided to cycle round ALL the Inari Shrines in Tokyo taking each of the 23 wards one at a time.

Inspired by recent interest in tiny shrines, this idea seemed like a good way of Continue reading

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Dining Out: All-You-Can-Eat Fermented Soy Beans Restaurant In Tokyo

“It’s a bit Marmite” is a metaphor which is often used in the UK for food items, TV shows or people that really polarise opinion. The equivalent in Japan would have to be natto (fermented soy beans) which is very divisive and something of an acquired taste.

It was only when I started living with my wife that I even really began to ate natto. I didn’t have to grow to like it as thankfully I was a fan from the off. Students are often surprised when I say I like it and eat it most days. I teach a Junior High School boy in Shibuya who loves natto as much as I do and our conversations one day got me wondering if Continue reading

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The Ewoks Cartoon Challenge Part 2 – Binge Watching Season 2 In One Day!

When Disney+ announced in March that the Ewoks cartoon was being added to their selection of Star Wars programmes from April 2nd (2021) onwards it was quite a surprise as I thought they were kind of embarrassed by such content.

Even before that news emerged I was planning to finish what I started last year, and complete the Ewoks cartoon challenge by watching all of season two in one day. This time I had the comfort of being able to watch all of them Continue reading

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Are A Load Of Dinosaurs, A Mystical Shrine & Bullet Train Mount Fuji Viewing Points

Getting to Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture is usually a straightforward affair. Board the JR Tokaido Line and ride for a couple of hours from Shinagawa to Atami before changing trains. If my wife is deciding then we usually take the more expensive Shinkansen (bullet train). She got her way the last time we went to her parents house in Ito though that was mainly down to having to take our dog.

This wasn’t his first time to ride on the trains and he is getting Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)

Admittedly I only ever found out about this movie thanks to the title being parodied by ‘The Simpsons‘ when the dysfunctional family visited Japan way back in season ten (S10E23) of the long-running American animation comedy. The contrast between the two could not be more different though and funnily enough, the one with more on screen time in Japan is actually the cartoon!

Only about ten minutes of this overly long war drama (138 minutes!) are in Japan but they are the best and most pivotal scenes in the movie which makes sense given its title. Those two facts just about merit an inclusion in this films ‘set’ in Japan series. The bombing Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: The Modern Art Museum Where The Best Bits Are All External

Museums don’t often get featured on Tokyo Fox as I generally find it difficult to truly appreciate them. There are always exceptions though and one such example is this art museum up in Saitama which was brought to my attention as it exhibits a prototype of one of the Nakagin capsules from the famed architectural wonder tower block in Ginza. Little did I know but the museum building was also a Continue reading

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Interesting Japanese Playground Structures #33 – Hippo Park

Many of the parks and children’s playgrounds in Japan, particularly in Tokyo, are quite poor compared to other countries in terms of space, surroundings and a lack of grass. However, a handful of them do tend to possess extremely creative structures and they will be explored in this series.

Nickname: Hippo Park 

Location: 2-22-4 Continue reading

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One Of The Most Mystical And Picturesque Power Spots In Japan

Much has been written about the sight of hundreds of beautiful red torii gates at the likes of Motonosumi Shrine (Yamaguchi), Takayama Inari-Jinja Shrine (Aomori) and of course the hugely popular Fushimi Inari (Kyoto). They are all absolutely awesome places but there’s something equally interesting about seeing just a solitary red torii gate amidst a stunning setting.

One such place is on the east coast of Continue reading

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