TF Top 5……Watergates Within Day Trips From Tokyo!

This really is happening! All killer and no-filler here as Tokyo Fox presents some truly original content. Over the last few years I’ve gradually seen more and more of these constructions. There really is very little, if nothing, on the internet (in English) about watergates in Japan. That is probably for good reason as surely no one else is interested in such things! Only one way to find out so lets see how this fares. Do NOT expect this to be featured in the ‘TF Top 20……Tokyo Fox Hits of 2020’ post which will appear on January 1st next year!

1. Tamaku Sluice Gate @ 3768 Tamatsukuri, Kumagaya, Saitama – Built in 2001 to prevent the floods from flowing back into the Arakawa and Yoshino Rivers, this water gate is 23.5 metres wide and 11.3 metres high making it one of the largest in all of Japan. It’s dome shaped roof, with three metallic balls on top, is supposed to look like floating balls or dango (a Japanese dumpling and sweet) when seen from distance. More details here


2. Rokugō Watergate Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Free Moomin Park Less Than An Hour From Tokyo!


Whilst looking at places to see Winter illuminations last Christmas I came across Moominvalley Park in Hanno City which is about 40 kilometers northwest of Tokyo. It actually only opened last March but I was a little put off by the entrance price. It’s not ridiculously expensive but for someone with very little knowledge of the Moomin universe I didn’t feel it was worth it.

However, in my research I came across another Moomin Park not so far from the main one. It’s called Continue reading

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London Pt III: The Vagina Museum, A Phallic Building, The Famous Cock & A String Of Filming Locales

With Rina having returned to Japan for work I was left to my own devices for a day and a bit in London. Camden Town was one of the areas I wanted to revisit as I’d come across a couple of quirky places whilst navigating my maps app. Camden is a cool and funky place but it is very touristy.


Amongst the loud, in-your-face, and slightly tacky High Street shop facades is the Stables Market which is a great place for street-food, and it was also a shooting location for Continue reading

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London Pt II: Capital Sights, The New Years Day Parade, Phone Box Art & Quirky Platforms!

It was a very early start to 2020 for me as I took a walk down to Canary Wharf Station and some other places before my wife got up. After checking out, we headed to the Tower Bridge area as that was the destination of our DLR Line and we didn’t really have much idea what to do on a day when most places were closed. In a way it was quite nice as places were nowhere near as busy as usual but that’s not to say the areas we went were deserted! There was still a few people milling around and some were enjoying the temporary ice-rink set up to the side of the Tower of London.


The nearby Tower Bridge (below) is one of the landmarks of London but so often Continue reading

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London Pt I: Balancing Time With My Wife & Hunting Down Filming Locations!

As we took a taxi direct from Heathrow Airport to my parents house in Leicestershire just before Christmas we didn’t actually see anything of London until we returned there for the New Years period. Due to maintenance work though it wasn’t quite so simple to get to London as we had to first take a bus to Bedford before changing to the train to St Pancras.

Rina’s main desire was to visit the British Museum but motion-sickness on the bus put paid to that idea and so once we got to our hotel near Blackwall Station in East London we didn’t rush back out as originally planned. She booked our hotel and I was very happy with the location as I am …(nerd alert!) … a fan of the driverless DLR Line which it’s on.


Piccadilly Circus (and not Piccadilly Circle as Rina said!) was our Continue reading

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The Complete List Of James Bond Filming Locations

Bond #25 is on the horizon as ‘No Time To Die‘ is set to hit cinemas this Spring with Daniel Craig appearing for the final time as the British secret service agent. Norway and the Faroe Islands make their debut appearances whilst England, Italy, Scotland and Jamaica return having all featured in previous James Bond movies. Ever since 1962, the 007 franchise has taken viewers on jaunts to all corners of the globe and here is a full and comprehensive list of which countries were used for filming. Please note that the country filmed in may have doubled up as another country or two at times.

#1. Dr No (1962)

England (London), Jamaica

#2. From Russia With Love (1963)

Scotland, Turkey Continue reading

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TF Top 10…… J1 League Stadiums You Should Visit This Season

The new J-League season is just round the corner with games kicking off over the weekend starting March 21st. In anticipation, Tokyo Fox has compiled a list of ten grounds which any fan of the beautiful game should visit when in Japan. It should be stressed that this is a personal choice and that every stadium experience is basically what you make of it.

10. Yokohama F. Marinos @ Nissan Stadium (72.327), Kanagawa Prefecture – If it wasn’t for the fact that it hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup final, I would not have included this stadium as it’s got a running track around the pitch which means that you’re always quite far from the action. Still, it’s not too bad a place to be when full but all too often the attendance is less than a third of it’s capacity. More details here


9. Nagoya Grampus @ Continue reading

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