If You’re Fond Of Sand Dunes…Then Tottori Is The Place For You!

Ever since I first heard about there being sand dunes in Japan I have really wanted to visit Tottori prefecture to see them for myself. I’ve mentioned this to many students over the last five years or so and most of them are quite surprised. Some of them really couldn’t believe that it’s been on my Japan bucket list for a while when they found out that I have been to some pretty decent deserts in the likes of Tunisia, Jordan, Australia and the USA. You would maybe expect to see deserts in those countries but you really wouldn’t forecast Continue reading

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Taking Japan’s Most Terrifying Bridge En-Route To Supernatural Monster City

This terrifying bridge has featured on the Only In Japan YouTube channel before. (Watch it here). I’d even looked it up on a maps app to see where it was in the past. However, that had all been long forgotten when I boarded a bus at Matsue to go to Sakaiminato Station which was a much quicker and easier option than taking the train. To my surprise there was actually Continue reading

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On The C*cks Trail……At Yaegaki-jinja Shrine!

It wasn’t just the fox trail that I was on in Matsue!

Tracking down such temples and shrines has inadvertently became something of a passion for me. Naturally it started as a way of amusing my childish brain but I keep ending up at such places and have now been to a sizeable amount of them around the whole country. Yaegaki-jinja Shrine in Matsue was one of the easiest to get to thanks to a direct  Continue reading

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On The Fox Trail……At Jozan Inari Jinja Shrine (Matsue)

Other than a few major Inari Shrines in Kyushu and a possible return to Zao Fox Village when it’s snowy, the end is nigh for this ‘On The Fox Trail…’ series. Or so I thought!

Whilst searching for things to do in Matsue I came across this shrine which is located just beyond the castle but within the moat and it’s grounds. Beforehand I knew this shrine possessed a load of foxes but I just assumed it was only the small white ceramic figurine foxes that can be purchased as a token of good luck. However, it turned out to be a lot more than that and proved to be Continue reading

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Paying The (Much Higher) Price For Taking The Bus From Hiroshima To Matsue!!


When sketching out this five day trip of western Japan I thought I’d spend a day in Hiroshima to recover from the epic 16 hour local train trip from Tokyo. Having been to Hiroshima countless times though, there was nowhere I really wanted to go other than the pizza vending machine, so I decided that I should move on and explore pastures new.

10 hours was all I actually spent at my in-laws apartment but Continue reading

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16 Hours On Local Trains To Hiroshima Just To Eat Pizza From A Vending Machine!

Eating pizza in Japan is something of a rarity for me because the likes of Dominos and Pizza Hut are just so ridiculously expensive. For a long time now I’ve considered that there is something of a gap in the market for a more reasonably priced pizza and maybe, just maybe this vending machine in Hiroshima is trying to fill that void. Continue reading

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From Tokyo To Hiroshima By Local Trains For Just ¥2370 (£17/$21)


Hiroshima has two of the most admired tourist attractions in all of Japan and is a very popular place for international travellers each year. It is four hours away from Tokyo via Shinkansen (bullet train) or just 90 minutes by plane. Given you have to get to the airport and check in an hour before they basically end up taking the same time. They are the most common ways to get between the two cities but there is another way of doing it and I don’t mean by car or bus! Continue reading

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