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Return To Bangkok

Back in February 2001 I left the UK behind for an ‘Around the world’ trip consisting mainly of a years working holiday in Australia. Whats been almost forgotten is that this trip started with a kind of package tour stopover in … Continue reading

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Beer + Milk = Bilk!!

I seem to have become a bit of a hermit recently hibernating for the season similar to the Blue Peter tortoise. Comparing the two of us you’ve got one slow creature with very little movement living in a box doing … Continue reading

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C*ck A Load Of This – Kanamara Matsuri 2008

Two years ago I went to Kawasaki Daishi for Kanamara Matsuri a.k.a the penis festival. Sadly on that occasion we arrived a little too late and missed the festivities although we did still get to erm, sample the dick!! No cock-ups this … Continue reading

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Unaware I Was On Call Of Duty (Update!)

Switched my mobile phone on last Sunday afternoon to find a message from the standby co-ordinator of my company saying I was on standby and needed to do sickness cover that morning! This was a big shock to me as … Continue reading

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African Festival Yokohama

There always seems to be a load of festivals in Tokyo metropolis every year with each one focusing on a different country. I went to a fair few last year and last Friday I went to Yokohama for the African Festival. … Continue reading

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Students Coming And Going (Mostly The Latter Though!!)

I’ve mentioned before that it’s part and parcel of life as a teacher that students will come and go but lately it seems to have been a bad time with a fair few students going or soon to be leaving. The end of … Continue reading

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Tracking Your Runs (No, Not Diarrhoea!!)

I’ve been running regularly in 45 minute sessions (sometimes a bit more but never over an hour) for nearly two years but until recently I had absolutely no idea what kind of distance I was doing. That is no longer the case … Continue reading

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