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Townsend Harris & Zenpuku-ji Temple

Back in June last year I reviewed the rather poor 1958 film ‘The Barbarian & The Geisha‘ as part of the Films Set In Japan feature on this site. The main man in that film was Townsend Harris played by a … Continue reading

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Tokyo Toray Pan Pacific Open 2013 Tennis Tournament

Tennis is a bit of a strange sport in this country. So many people say they play it and courts always being booked up seems to prove that. Many of my students profess to being interested in the game yet … Continue reading

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The Star Wars Saga Continues But Does It Really Need To?

“He’s my brother” says Leia to which Han Solo replies with a simple “Oh” and with that one syllable word the Star Wars saga came to an end in terms of spoken words. Of course there was a scene or … Continue reading

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Dance With The Wolves!

Miyamisu Mitake Shrine was first brought to my attention last year when I saw it featured in Time Out Tokyo‘s ‘101 things to do in Shibuya’ guide. Filler or no-filler I went to check this place out and to my … Continue reading

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On Screen #2 – Istanbul

Turkey’s economic, cultural, and historical heart is often considered by westerners to be something of a mysterious city; one which is rarely portrayed well on the big screen as its used as a backdrop for international intrigue. Add to that, some … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Tokyo Daytripper: Ushiku Daibutsu (2004)

I had pretty much forgotten about this place until I heard it mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the ‘Factoids’ segment on Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show. Listeners were told that the three tallest statues are all Buddha … Continue reading

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London Filming Locations: Skyfall (2012)

This triumphant return to form sees Bond go back to his roots with some beautiful scenery including the Scottish Highlands and lots of London scenes which were very satisfying for this misty-eyed Brit living abroad! Before all that though, ‘Skyfall‘ starts off with … Continue reading

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Tokyo To Host 2020 Olympics

The trains weren’t exactly abuzz this morning with locals excitedly discussing the fresh news that came from Argentina during the night time but being almost-silent on public transport is how things are done here anyway. The local population’s poor support … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Hachijojima (2005)

When I watched ‘Battle Royale‘ (2000) recently for review in the Films Set In Japan section of this site I was under the impression that Hachijojima was where it was filmed and so I started doing my research on the … Continue reading

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Journeys Into The Ring Of Fire Episode 4: Japan

This four part series, which was recently repeated on BBC4 whilst I was back home, saw enthusiastic presenter Dr Iain Stewart travel around the Pacific Rim visiting some of the world’s most volatile places. The shows journeyed through the perilous … Continue reading

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