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Its A ‘P Yes P’ For Me

Never thought it would happen to me but a couple of weeks ago I only went and bought the new slim n’ light PSP and with it the Fifa Soccer ’08. Now i haven’t owned any type of game-playing machine since the Amstrad CPC 464 … Continue reading

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English Made In Japan Pt I

The term Japanglish refers to ‘made in Japan’ English words not understandable to native English speakers. Inevitably, being in Japan for a number of years you tend to become Japanified which entails small and subtle changes in speech, manner and … Continue reading

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Donald Ducks In N’ Out Of Tokyo

I think its fair to say that most people are put off from coming to visit me in Tokyo due to the high prices. Of course the fact that I am living in this metropolis is maybe also reason why only … Continue reading

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Grampus Eight Up My Appetite For Any More J-League Football!

This site has the tagline of ‘the Leicester fan in Japan’ but rarely mentions anything to do with the team I’m exiled from. That’s not really going to change in this article but there are two vague references! The inaugural … Continue reading

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Beijing 2007 Pt III – Back To Square One!

My second full day was to be my most busy day, and it began by rising at 6:30 am once again. I walked across Tiananmen Square once more and through the Gate Of Heavenly Peace from which the famous portrait … Continue reading

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Beijing 2007 Pt II – I Must Have Been Quackers To Eat Some Of This Food!

After about an hour wait I finally got my first taste of Peking Duck (Well it had to be done didn’t it?!) at Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant near my hostel. It was really delicious and I ordered a feast … Continue reading

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Beijing 2007 Pt I – The Great Wall: In Spitting Distance Of The City!

Less than 60 minutes sleep and defeat in the Rugby World Cup Final for England wasn’t the ideal way to start my China trip but at the final whistle I went to the Airport for my morning flight to Beijing … Continue reading

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Back To Civilisation

After five and a half weeks i am so happy to be back on-line properly. Sure, I have been using my house computer a fair bit but that’s really cr*p and slow and just not so convenient to use. I was … Continue reading

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A ‘Grate’ Barbeque Party!

My school had its rescheduled BBQ Party in Futako-Shinchi on the 7th of October after rain had stopped play the previous week. There were many groups of people out enjoying the Autumn sunshine in our location next to the river. … Continue reading

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