Beijing 2007 Pt II – I Must Have Been Quackers To Eat Some Of This Food!

After about an hour wait I finally got my first taste of Peking Duck (Well it had to be done didn’t it?!) at Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant near my hostel. It was really delicious and I ordered a feast of food (totalling just over 12 pounds) using up 20% of my whole Beijing budget in all.

As well as half a roast duck and a Yan Jing beer I also ordered mustard duck webs, sayed duck wings and sauteed duck breast in a crispy yam basket and it was probably enough for two or three people!

Beijing Oct '07 160  Beijing Oct '07 256

The following day I took early lunch at the snack street in Wangfujing and on the menu this time for me was smelly tofu, lamb kebabs and a grasshopper!! Despite all the talk, it  was actually alright and just like crunchy small shrimp to be honest! Yes, really!

My feast of food  some tasty treats

I returned to Wangfujing in the evening but this time to visit Donghuamen Night Market for pretty much more of the same but on a bigger scale. A few more lamb kebabs were sampled as were banana fritters, crickets and snake!

You can see my Beijing photos here

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