Beijing 2007 Pt II – I Must Be Quackers!

After about an hours wait I finally got my first taste of Peking Duck (well it had to be done didn’t it?!) at Beijing DaDong Roast Duck Restaurant near my hostel. It was really delicious and I ordered a feast of food (totalling just over 12 pounds) using up 20% of my whole Beijing budget in all. As well as half a roast duck and a Yan Jing beer I also ordered mustard duck webs, sayed duck wings and sauteed duck breast in a crispy yam basket and it was probably enough for two or three people!

Beijing Oct '07 160  Beijing Oct '07 256

The following day I took early lunch at the snack street in Wangfujing and on the menu this time for me was smelly tofu, lamb kebabs and a cicada or grasshopper or something like that which despite all the talk was quite alright. Just like crunchy small shrimp to be honest.

untitled  untitled  My feast of food  some tasty treats 

I returned to Wangfujing in the evening but this time to visit Donghuamen Night Market for pretty much more of the same but on a bigger scale. A few more lamb kebabs were sampled as were banana fritters, crickets and snake!

You can see my Beijing photos here

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