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‘Pantsu Getta’ – The Latest Pervy Japanese Game

I’m not usually one to talk about news related items (thats if you can even call it news!) as I’m too busy talking about myself on these self indulgent things which we call blogs but I thought this far too interesting … Continue reading

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Too Honest For Their Own Good?

Japan is a very safe place in terms of crime and, unlike the rest of the world, you have a very, very good chance of getting your wallet back if you lose it. Thankfully I haven’t had to test this … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Various

Had a few days off recently and for once didn’t go on a trip as saving for one next month. It was tipping it down with rain anyway so I watched a few DVD’s with Japanese connections as the rental store had … Continue reading

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Dining Out: A Pizza Non-Japanese Food For Me

Many of my students seem to live in a world where they think us ‘gaijin‘ only use knifes and forks and don’t eat Japanese food. This is so untrue and a little annoying for most of us but maybe they … Continue reading

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Suits Aren’t Cool Enough For Japan!

These last few days in Tokyo have been unbearably hot and humid with temperatures near to the mid-30’s and humidity levels at close to 100%. Judging by what some people wear you wouldn’t know it though as jeans and cardiagans … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox’s World Cup 2006 Overview

So after four weeks the final whistle has blown on the 2006 World Cup and now my life can hopefully return to as normal as possible meaning no more split sleeping shifts, sleep deprivation or catching 40 winks in between lessons. … Continue reading

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Hong Kong 2006: Not Wong To Go Hong Kong!

Popped over to Hong Kong for a few days holiday last Tuesday night and got back on the first which is exactly nine years since the handover. Even though it used to belong to the UK, I was still expecting … Continue reading

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Changing TV Channels Is Now A Remote Possibility!!

After many days of fannying around with cables and other stuff I finally have satelite television in the form of SkyPerfect TV. I’m already quite bored of it though as theres not much of interest on the likes of CNN, … Continue reading

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Bumping Into People……….Quite Literally

With a population of 27 million living in the Tokyo metropolis it is fairly impossible not to rub shoulders with fellow inhabitants. Obviously this doesn’t sound too bad if that person in question is a cutie but its more than … Continue reading

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