Dining Out: A Pizza Non-Japanese Food For Me

Many of my students seem to live in a world where they think us ‘gaijin‘ only use knifes and forks and don’t eat Japanese food. This is so untrue and a little annoying for most of us but maybe they would have been happy to see where i went this afternoon for a ‘Viking‘ (buffet) lunch. I decided to take a break from my usual rice diet and go to ‘Shakey’s’ Pizza in Shibuya for an all-you-can-eat feast of pizza, spaghetti, fried potato’s and curry and all for the very reasonable price of 787 yen (less than £4!).

However, the main reason for me sampling this was because a couple of years ago my then neighbour (and now fellow blogger) Gideon said that he’d rather eat turd on toast than ‘Shakeys’ or something like that! I failed to believe that as even bad pizza is ok. I mean it doesn’t exactly take much to make a pizza does it?! Slap some cheese on a bit of bread and bake it and bobs yer uncle! Thats not always the case though as while tucking in to the tasty slices I had a flashback to a time in Sydney when I went for pizza with a load of people including some stupid girl who didn’t like cheese or tomato so her pizza was basically mushrooms on baked bread!

Anyway, ‘Shakeys’ was all fine as I thought it would be. Well fine for Japan which doesn’t probably say much as pizza here isn’t on a par with Europe or America. Certainly wasn’t as good as Hull where I went to University and where in my post-University house I lived within spitting distance of half a dozen good pizza takeaways.

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2 Responses to Dining Out: A Pizza Non-Japanese Food For Me

  1. Gideon says:

    Well , TF, I think we’ll need to agree to disagree on this one. I still draw the line at Shakeys, as everything I had there just didn’t have much of a taste to it. Call me a snob (some do!) but I often have that problem with buffet ‘vikings’ here- lots of food, but much less flavour to it than usual, which leaves me wondering if the value is so great after all. There are some exceptions to that rule, though, where I find the food is as memorable as the price-tag.
    It’s a little ironic really, as when I was a kid, I would eat at the American version when I visited my relatives there and it was one of my favourite places to go. Even though the pizza wasn’t as good as other places, they had a fantastic salad bar along with good pasta and fried chicken.

  2. +S.Smoke+ says:

    heya glen are u realy chinese? damm i think its great living there!! please add me!! xxxxxx bye

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