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World’s Busiest Train Station: Shinjuku

Information was released last year detailing the worlds busiest train stations and Japan pretty much monopolised the top 50 list with only five of them not in this country. It’s not until the number 24 position that a non-Japanese station appears … Continue reading

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Back To Hakuba

After three years away I returned to Hakuba in Nagano for a couple of days snowboarding this week. It was also my first trip away with Asif for nearly six years (due to him being away from Japan for that … Continue reading

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If Star Wars Was Set In Japan……

1. There just wouldn’t be a rebellion against the Empire. 2. Mos Eisley would have a lot more speeder accidents. 3. The deicison to hunt the droids would take the Empire years. 4. There would be a new emperor every 12-18 … Continue reading

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‘An Idiot Abroad’ In Japan

Creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant very much added to their already impressive portfolio of television work last year with ‘An Idiot Abroad’ on Sky One which featured their mate Karl Pilkington visiting the seven wonders of the world. In … Continue reading

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A Spiritual And Physical Challenge

A few years ago I saw the second season of Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie series on youtube. It featured many daredevil stunts of which I have done a few (bungy jumping, jungle trekking, marathon running, rock-climbing, kayaking, thai-boxing, kushti wrestling, skydiving etc) … Continue reading

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Not Such A Sweet Sunday For The Japanese Men

As Valentines Day fell on a Sunday this year it meant that it was a good excuse for the ladies to avoid giving their male colleagues any ‘giri-choco’ (obligation chocolates which the women give men on the 14th with the … Continue reading

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Umbrella Day In Japan

Today marks Umbrella day in Japan which just goes to show that it’s not just England which comes up with ridiculously themed days. This is supposed to mark the start of the rainy season in Japan which lasts for a … Continue reading

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Dining Out: A Pizza Non-Japanese Food For Me

Many of my students seem to live in a world where they think us ‘gaijin‘ only use knifes and forks and don’t eat Japanese food. This is so untrue and a little annoying for most of us but maybe they … Continue reading

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