A Spiritual And Physical Challenge

A few years ago I saw the second season of Jack Osbourne’s Adrenaline Junkie series on youtube. It featured many daredevil stunts of which I have done a few (bungy jumping, jungle trekking, marathon running, rock-climbing, kayaking, thai-boxing, kushti wrestling, skydiving etc) but one of the challenges caught my eye more than any other and it just happened to be filmed in Japan. The problem for me was finding where and when I tried to find this information or watch the video online a few months ago I just couldn’t find any thing on it.

Consequently I splashed out a tenner on the dvd box set of series one and two (season two wasn’t available on its own) and when it arrived I went straight to that part (episode 3) and was a little disappointed that they never did say exactly where they were. It just mentioned that it was somewhere in the mountains north of Kyoto.

As for the challenge itself, the idea was for Jack to be able to spend three minutes under what was dramatically described as a “freezing waterfall which will hammer body-numbing glacial melt-water on to him with the pressure of a fire-hose”.

This is something I’d like to try myself which is why I was interested in the location. I certainly know it wouldn’t be easy as having experimented a few times with standing under a cold shower I know all too well that you have to tap into your inner energy and detatch your mind from the freezing water pouring down on you.

In the episode, Jack had to train his mind using shintaido warrior techniques while getting in touch with Jedi-like inner force and after a very quick first attempt he then managed to stay under the waterfall for just over 10 minutes seeing off the attempts of his two companions with ease. The grand-master Japanese guy had to pull him out for his own safety as its said that just 12 minutes under it is enough to kill you from hypothermia.


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