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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours!

One of the units in the intermediate level course i teach talks about neighbours and involves a load of questions about how students’ get on with them. The perfect opportunity for me to use the ‘Neighbours‘ TV theme to manipulate the target language and do … Continue reading

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Adapting To The Art Of Bowing

Some may see it in the western world as a sign of looking weak but the Japanese custom of bowing is seen through my eyes as being quite a nice tradition. Its always a bit embarassing when you meet someone (whether they … Continue reading

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Look Shrew Was Back In Tokyo!!

Just like the old red London buses you wait ages for one and then two come at once and similarly when Vinod visited Tokyo so did me old mocker Richard who I met just over two years ago when I transferred to a new … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox Makes It To Two Years!!

Cast your mind back excatly two years ago and its fairly likely you won’t remember what happened. If you do its almost certain that you won’t be aware that today is the 2nd Anniversary of this blog. When I told … Continue reading

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To Be Or Not To Be Prepared!

Now I know every traveller is different and open to do whatever they want to do but having said that I was a little shocked when my mate Vinod (a Wolves fan so please do hold that against him!!) came to visit a couple … Continue reading

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Never Able To Judge A Book By Its Cover

Just finished ‘In The Miso Soup‘ by Ryu Murakami (one of my sisters Christmas presents to me) which I usually read whilst commuting to and from work on the train. It has a bright cover and can obviously be seen by anyone and … Continue reading

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Not Sweet On ‘Giri Choco’

“There were many girls banging on my door this Valentines morning…….and then I let them out!!” I did promise the same usual jokes last year and Tokyo Fox is certainly not one to disappoint its readers so here’s the other … Continue reading

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To Give Or Not Give Up Your Train Seat

Last Thursday I was on the Yamanote line (the main green line which circles Tokyo’s main spots) going to work when a girl on crutches got in but did anyone in the priority seats give up their seat for her? … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This last month has certainly been the coldest I’ve ever felt during my years in Japan and by some distance too. Snow has appeared several times in the last couple of weeks so I have basically continued from where I left off … Continue reading

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