Look Shrew Was Back In Tokyo!!

Just like the old red London buses you wait ages for one and then two come at once and similarly when Vinod visited Tokyo so did me old mocker Richard who I met just over two years ago when I transferred to a new school where he too was teaching.

Sparks instantly flew even though we were not doing any welding!! Sadly he was only around for a few months before buggering off back to Shrewsbury via the Tranz-Siberian route which he just loves to namedrop! We kept in touch though and when he moved to Vietnam I jumped at the opportunity to visit him (free accommodation and all that!) at Christmas in 2006 where we travelled from Ho Chi Minh up to Cambodia and back.

Anyway, the plonker himself returned to Tokyo for ten days recently along with his girlfriend Mizuki who I finally got to meet having heard about her over the years and read her blog. Very nice she was too. It was great to hang out with them and we met up a few times over the course of their stay and boy did we have a laugh!! Not so surprising as when Richard and I get together we’re like Morecambe & Wise though some would say we’re maybe more remnant of Cannon & Ball or Hale & Pace?!

Feb08 033 Feb08 034

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A Leicester City fan teaching English in Japan
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