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The Only ‘Gaijin’ In The Village

Was watching the excellent BBC comedy ‘Little Britain‘ recently and in some way the Daffyd character reminded me of how many of us gaijin act in Japan. No I do not want to be the “only gay in the village” like … Continue reading

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New Manager’s For Both Leicester & England

Given that this blog is called Tokyo Fox (the Foxes is the nickname of my team for those not in the know) and has a tagline of ‘The Leicester City fan….” it is maybe a little strange that there has … Continue reading

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Can’t Cook. Wont Cook!

Due to space being very limited in Tokyo it may seem surprising to those of you haven’t ever been to Japan that people have a tendency to go out to eat. Nothing too different there but the fact that they … Continue reading

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Talking Sh*t……

Was listening to one of Ricky Gervais’ podcasts (the worlds number one podcast. Fact!) on my iPod on the way to work the other day and struggled to control myself when they were talking about being too embarrassed to buy … Continue reading

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The Walk Of The Town!

Think I’ve finally come to that point in my life where the pounds start to pile on and I can no longer survive on all the cr*ppy junk food I have been eating for most of my life. In light of this … Continue reading

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C*ck A Load Of This – Kanamara Matsuri 2006

Had one of those ‘only in Japan’ moments last Sunday afternoon when I went to Kanamara Shrine in Kawasaki for the “Festival of the Steel Phallus” celebrating fertility. I saw many pricks at the shrine but thats enough about the many gaijin that … Continue reading

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All Work & Lots Of Play!

The Japanese working day is ridiculously long compared to that in the west. The traditional nine to five working day is fairly unheard of and instead there is a ten till nine  day or something like that. Thats not to say … Continue reading

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Hanami In Tokyo 2006

Just before i came to Japan a few years ago I read a book called ‘Hokkaido Highway Blues‘ by some Canadian called Will Ferguson who hitch-hiked from the south tip of Japan to the most northern part. He was following … Continue reading

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TF Film Review: Wallace & Gromit In The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Finally got to see the Wallace and Gromit film yesterday evening. Yes I know it came out about 7 months ago in the UK but it only just got released in Japan two weeks ago. I saw that it even came out … Continue reading

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See You Bai Bai!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about a sad farewell and this last week has had a few similar moments. My school year is the same as the financial year meaning that a new year starts on April Fools Day. Its … Continue reading

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