New Manager’s For Both Leicester & England

Given that this blog is called Tokyo Fox (the Foxes is the nickname of my team for those not in the know) and has a tagline of ‘The Leicester City fan….” it is maybe a little strange that there has never been any mention of football here. That is until now!

Glad to see that Leicester finally saw sense and appointed Rob Kelly as manager for next season. We were languishing in the bottom three of the second tier of English football (The Coca Cola Championship to give it its proper name) when he took over and has turned it around big time for us and stopped us from going down into the unknown waters of the third tier. Inevitably we lost yesterday following the news that he would be manager for 12 more months.

Of course it may all go wrong but theres no doubt in my mind that he earned the chance of being made permanent manager. Besides there was no-one else really available to us. It seemed people were queuing up to reject the job at one stage! Anyway, we don’t have the money to pay compensation to a club if we knick their manager.

Elsewhere the worlds biggest under-achieving national side and the appointnment of a coach is another thing. Why the FA feel the need to announce news of Sven Goran Erikssons replacement now is bewildering to me. The list of candidates for the job is filling me with dread. The likes of Allardyce, McClaren and Curbishley have done wonders at their clubs but don’t have experience at the top level. We tried this before with Graham Taylor who was the outstanding club manager of the time but then flopped when he made the step up into International management which is a different ball game.

Martin O’Neill is a god to us Leicester fans but given that he’s a quiet man does he really want the media scrutiny and intrusion that comes with the England job? Also, he’s fantastic at making fairly average players play to a very high ability but how would he get the best out of people who are already great players? As far as I was concerned there was only one man for the job and that was the dutchman Guus Hiddink but we let him slip through the net and he’s now gonna take over the Russian team.

As for the actual England team I see a great first XI that picks itself but if injuries happen then the replacements are not people I see setting the world on fire but I guess the world cup always throws up a few surprises and gives players an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

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2 Responses to New Manager’s For Both Leicester & England

  1. Andrew says:

    What a load of absoulte dribble!

  2. Peter Roper says:

    S`up G DAWG, finally re-connected to www.

    was listening to university challenge, while doing the washing up, not actually sitting down and trying to beat a score of 10 questions. Apparently the term "hunky dory" derives (sp?) from a past red light district in Yokohama, hence the dori in the name.

    Enjoying the easter break at present, 3 of 4 days off, though a piss poor showing on the tv front, one for all the grannies out there, big up cash in the attic and SOP ( songs of praise, renamed to give an edge to the TOTP crowd).

    Seems my life revolves around tv, as thats the third mention, too cold over here for anything else.

    Liked the picture of the big dicks, have been reading a book called hokkaido highway blues, travel book / take on the japanese, he mentioned visiting a shrine dedicated to all things sexual. Should have a hunt forit in the book shops over there if you havent read it yet, amusing at the start, but halfway through is turning into a history lesson.

    Annnnnnnnyway, some ladies giving birth to an alien, the wonders of american tv, adios

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