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Luke Who Turned Up For Halloween! (Pt I)

Things are done differently in Japan. Anyone from overseas living here will tell you that. Sometimes it’s for better, sometimes for worse and sometimes just indifferent. The subject of Halloween probably falls into the latter category. This event has been … Continue reading

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TF Top 5……Tokyo Bridges In Cinema!

These structures built to span such physical obstacles like water or roads come in many different designs and so often they don’t get the recognition they deserve. When you think about it, hardly ever does a character cross a bridge without something happening  whether … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Bungy Thrillogy Pt II (2002)

In the second of this three part series Tokyo Fox looks back to Sunday 24th March 2002; the day of my triple bungy jump. I was travelling around New Zealand for a few months on the back of a years working holiday … Continue reading

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TF Top 5……Lame Halloween Activities For Kids

Following the huge popularity of the top 5……lame Christmas activities feature last December it is time to cash in on the success of that and, true to form, Tokyo Fox has managed to cobble together an equally feeble Halloween edition! With October 31st drawing ever … Continue reading

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A Spook-tacular Halloween (2014)

As an adult, the years fly by these days but for kids 365 days is a very long time and the Halloween party for them remains a very popular event. Hopefully, during that gap the majority of the annual attendees … Continue reading

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A Weekend On Batam Island (Indonesia)

No sooner had my eldest sister Ruth and her husband announced that they were going to be moving to an island in Indonesia just 20km off the coast of Singapore and I had my heart set on visiting them and … Continue reading

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Singapore 2014 Pt III: Day Three

After a wonderful whirlwind weekend trip to Batam Island in Indonesia it felt a little strange to be back amid the skyscrapers and modernity of  Singapore. I was quite surprised to see Jamie Oliver had a restaurant in the HarbourFront area … Continue reading

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Singapore 2014 Pt II: Day Two

My second day continued in much the same vain as day one did with a few minor disappointments in terms of finding places closed!! Firstly, the stall I wanted food from at Maxwell Road Food Market was not open (whilst many others … Continue reading

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Singapore 2014 Pt I: Day One

If you’d asked me five years ago about Singapore I would no doubt have told you I had no interest in visiting such a boring, sterile place overly officiated with rules! However, time moves on and opinions can change. Anthony … Continue reading

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My JSoccer Magazine Article On Japan Football Museum

Last month I wrote about my contribution to the latest issue of JSoccer magazine; Japan’s number one English language football publication. Since issue #13 was released a sufficient amount of time has passed so I feel its now ok to reproduce the contents … Continue reading

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