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“Momiji” Comes To Tokyo On Her Holidays

Autumn time is famed for its beautifully coloured leaves (and for these fine specimens too!) with the red ones known as momiji a.k.a. Japanese red maple tree but a far prettier sight was on hand for us this Fall as my … Continue reading

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Sandstorm In Tokyo And A Lot Of Kafunsho (Pollen)

Almost two years to the day of the big earthquake there was a sandstorm in Tokyo earlier this afternoon which I witnessed first hand from the inside of the Keio line train around the Fuchu area of west Tokyo. With … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – Enter The Void (2009)

Starting off with a hard techno beat and flashing credits this arty-farty French directed film comes across as tediously excruciating with any real story replaced by indulgence for the sake of art. We see all the action through the eyes of … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – ‘Stratosphere Girl’ (2004)

This modern art film is a short 84 minute story (always a good thing in my book!) about an 18 year old blonde girl called Angela who gets into a conversation with a Japanese DJ about going travelling to seek adventure … Continue reading

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Tokyo Filming Locations #10 – The Grudge (2004)

This American re-make of ‘Ju-On’ begins at Yanagibashi bridge (1 minute) where the Kanda river runs into the much bigger Sumida-gawa river. Peter is on the 6th floor of his apartment at 1-2-2 Yanagibashi (below) with his wife/partner in bed when … Continue reading

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Tokyo Filming Locations #8 – Monster (2008)

Slagging off this film in my review nine months ago still didn’t stop me from hunting down some of the shots which appeared in perhaps the worst movie I’ve ever seen! Most of them were shown in a flash inbetween the cleavage … Continue reading

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Typhoon In Tokyo

I arrived at work in Shibuya last Wednesday (September 21st) fairly wet and unaware that a typhoon was on its way and scheduled to hit Tokyo around 5-6pm that evening. As the day wore on more and more students called … Continue reading

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Cycling The Yamanote Line

A couple of years ago a colleague wrote an article in our company’s in-house magazine about walking round the Yamanote line which is the circular line connecting most of the main stations in the heart of Tokyo. From that moment on I … Continue reading

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Not The Best Way To Get A-Head In Life!

A couple of years ago I was featured on Keikotomanabu website and just this last month I have appeared in the magazine made by the same company which one of my students works for. However, you may have to look … Continue reading

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C*ck A Load Of This – Kanamara Matsuri 2008

Two years ago I went to Kawasaki Daishi for Kanamara Matsuri a.k.a the penis festival. Sadly on that occasion we arrived a little too late and missed the festivities although we did still get to erm, sample the dick!! No cock-ups this … Continue reading

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