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London Film Museum – Batman Special

As I’ve mentioned on here in the past I have always been a Batman fan when it comes to the super-heroes and there were a fair few items of memorabillia relating to that franchise in the London Film Museum. Richard … Continue reading

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London Film Museum

I’d never even heard of the London Film Museum until one of my friends here in Tokyo took a trip there in the Summer on his visit to the UK. I decided then that the next time I was in … Continue reading

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Review: Films Set In Japan – ‘Monster’ (2008)

It may be called ‘Monster’ but this 2008 movie was anything but a hit. It went straight to dvd release and having watched it the other day it is very clear to see why. The film revolves around two American … Continue reading

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Tokyo Radioactive Water Shock!

Thought I’d try a bit of my own sensationalism for the title of this article a la the British tabloids. If the big earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant radiation problems weren’t enough we now face further radiation concerns over the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

There’s no doubt that the goings-on at the Fukushima nuclear plant are of grave concern to all, particularly those nearby and one cannot pay anywhere near enough respect to the people working around the clock to try and get the situation under control. They are … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake – The Aftermath

When I wrote my entry the other day I was on the wine as I needed to relax after such an eventful day. I thought that things would start to get back to normal in part the following day which … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake Catastrophe

Now before I start I should say that this is ‘my story’ and it in no way compares to the horrors seen in Sendai. Friday is usually my day off but today I was doing a cover shift in one … Continue reading

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Adidas Darth Vader Trainers

Just before last Summer I bought some white Adidas Stormtrooper trainers and the other day I was in a second hand shop near my house when I saw a pair of black Adidas Darth Vader trainers which I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Edo Nagashibina 2011

March 3rd is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) in Japan which is a day celebrating girls’ health and happiness. Some Japanese people have dressed up their dolls (not your ‘barbie’ type of doll by the way!) this last week and put … Continue reading

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TF Film Review: The Tourist (2010)

‘The Tourist’ comes out in Japan on March 5th but as is the way (most of the time), it came out elsewhere last year. It is set in the beautiful location of Venice and its two stars; Angelina Jolie and Johnny … Continue reading

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