Tokyo Radioactive Water Shock!

Thought I’d try a bit of my own sensationalism for the title of this article a la the British tabloids. If the big earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant radiation problems weren’t enough we now face further radiation concerns over the tap water in Tokyo.

A report came out in the last couple of days saying that the amount of radiation in the water at Tokyo’s purification plant now exceeds the legal safety limits for infants which is 100 becquerels per litre. The legal amount for adults is 300 and the readings were around 200. It should be added that Japan’s standards are far more strict than in Europe. Again I am not taking these warnings too seriously just yet but it has affected my thinking a bit. It’s been said that a little water is not harmful but continued usage could result in health problems. I have to say that I did drink far less than usual after my run this morning and it was whilst I was out then that I saw the tap water in the park had been fenced off and the toilets were also closed (they are usually open 24hrs a day). I didn’t take note of what the signs said but I am sure it is to do with this government warning about radiation levels. Hopefully the water will be given the all-clear soon for all people as I do drink quite a lot most days and I don’t wanna have to buy bottled water which I have never really seen the point of. All tastes more-or-less the same to me.

I was back at work on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was pretty much business as usual although I did have to do a load of extra lessons yesterday as my colleague, who was working his notice, decided he might as well just bail out of the country last week when it was in ‘crisis’. The supermarkets, whilst still not fully stocked like in the past, are slowly returning to normal by way of bread and milk usually being available. The earthquakes keep on coming with there seemingly being one most mornings recently to wake you up. There has been over 700 after-shocks since the big quake on March 11th and the constant slight shaking of my apartment and the schools mean I have been feeling almost sea-sick at times. As I’ve stated many times there is no need to worry about any of this. It all seems very menial compared to the plight of the people further north.

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