Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

There’s no doubt that the goings-on at the Fukushima nuclear plant are of grave concern to all, particularly those nearby and one cannot pay anywhere near enough respect to the people working around the clock to try and get the situation under control. They are putting their lives on the line while it seems the rest of the world is in a panic.


It’s now a week since the big earthquake and I am STILL in Tokyo, some 200km away from Fukushima. Over the last few days panic has taken place but not in Tokyo itself. No, instead this has come from the media in the West who seem intent on sensationalising the story with some highly inaccurate nonsense including the woeful ‘Get Out Of Tokyo’ headline in British tabloid ‘The Sun’.

Of course this sells papers or gets viewers and then people from home get in touch with loved ones here and put pressure on them to leave. I’ve seen it happen a fair few times already with people leaving for peace of mind which is fair enough but according to the Japanese media is not necessary. The British embassy continues to state that there’s “no real human health issue that people should be concerned about” in areas outside of a 30-km radius from the Fukushima plant but it seems people don’t even get to that bit as they can’t get past the ‘think about leaving’ part. It’s almost like all the governments are competing with each other to show how well they are looking after their people.

I am fine and in good spirits. So too are most of Tokyo’s citizens. Sure there have been occasional blackouts, delayed trains and certain food shortages. Big deal. That’s nothing that most people can’t handle. Of course if it continues thats a different story but given that I could get most food items at the supermarket earlier it appears that there is no longer a problem in that sense. The real story is not the supposed Tokyo doomsday scenario being reported but that of the people way up north who are still suffering in terms of warmth, medicine and food aid. It goes without saying that the Fukushima nuclear plant is also the real story before someone points that out.

Of course some of you will be thinking I am being stubborn by not leaving but that is not so. I am paying close attention to the rolling news on both NHK and CNN and IF I feel its time to get out I will but I don’t feel any need to move on at this present moment. Perhaps ironic given that I am usually the first to get out of Japan when given more than four or five days off in a row. However, this is a different situation. Thanks once again for your messages, love and concern.

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