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It’Snow Problem Having A Good Time In Hakuba

Woke up a bit stiff on Monday morning and with a little pain in my a*se too……and that can only be because I spent a long weekend on the slopes of Hakuba 47 and Hakuba Goryu. An all night bus took myself … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox’s 1st Anniversary

Today is exactly one year since Tokyo Fox was launched and despite my initial fears that I wouldn’t go beyond the first entry I have managed to stay motivated enough to have published about 120 blog entries. That is an average … Continue reading

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A Cool Bar In Tokyo

Last Wednesday night I found myself hanging out in Absolut Ice Bar Tokyo in Hiro-O which as the name suggests is completely made from ice. That includes the bar itself, the walls, floor, tables, sofas and even the glass! Obviously the … Continue reading

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Taking Heart On Valentines Day

“Another Valentines Day and this year I couldn’t even open my door……….because I’d forgotten my key!!” “There were many girls banging on my door this Valentines Day morning……….and so then I let them out!!” Thats my quota of cr*ppy Valentines jokes done … Continue reading

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Dining Out: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish

Sometime during the 1990s I watched a dramatic TV show that brought me close to tears as I thought a much loved character was about to be killed off. What is surprising is that that show was the second series of … Continue reading

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Maid In Japan

Spent last Sunday trudging round the electrical shops of Akihabara with my friend Gideon before visiting a couple of maid cafe’s as we were in need of a refreshment and thought it best not to waste the opportunity! The first maid … Continue reading

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The Cold Rush For Masks!

I’ve had a cold for the last week now which I just can’t seem to shake off as easy as normal so I am often clearing my throat (which i do quite regularly anyway) and sniffing which I find very annoying but it’s tolerated in this country. People don’t … Continue reading

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P*ssed Off At The Post Off.

Wrote a postcard to my Auntie on Friday and took it to the Post Office where I was very surprised to find out that I was gonna be charged an extra 30 yen (on top of the regular 80 yen for a … Continue reading

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Spilling The Beans For Setsubun

Setsubun (seasonal division) was celebrated today in Japan which is where the Japanese purify their homes by throwing beans away which supposedly drive out evil spirits for the year to come. I’ll probably never see the point of such a ritual as I just don’t have enough … Continue reading

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