Maid In Japan

Spent last Sunday trudging round the electrical shops of Akihabara with my friend Gideon before visiting a couple of maid cafe’s as we were in need of a refreshment and thought it best not to waste the opportunity!

The first maid cafe we went to seemed a bit dull at first and the so-called ‘large’ beer was far from big. Almost as soon as Gideon commented that the place had no atmosphere things changed a little and some ‘jack in the box’ type game was played where every customer was given a plastic key to put in a number of available slots and if something popped out you won something or another. I didn’t even get the chance to do this as about the second person to try it had the winning key.

Next up was a simple ‘janken’ (“rock, scissors, paper”) game which is often used by Japanese (not just kids) to decide a matter of things but this time it was done with a load of other actions before the ‘jan-ken po’ part which I know so unable to keep up with that I inevitably failed to win the prize of having my photo taken with a maid.

Feeling a little disappointed by that place we tried another one. The popular Maid In Japan Amusement Cafe was a bit more like it in terms of wierdness. Aside from the expensive soft drinks there were many Maids on stage singing and dancing to some of the cheesiest Japanese pop music which I think was selected (at a price) by one of the other geeks in the place. These strange performances dominated the last 45 minutes or so (before the place closed at 9pm) and kept us there much longer than we had intended.

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