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My Leicester City Memorabilia

One of the presents I got last Christmas was ‘Got Not Got! The Lost World of Leicester City‘ which is co-written by Gary Silke who is the editor of ‘The Fox‘; the long running City fanzine that’s been going for … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Izu Hantō Peninsula (2004)

The Izu Hantō Peninsula is an area possessing some splendid coastlines, beaches, mountains which is home to larger cities such as Atami; famed for it’s many hot spring baths and less so for the “Adult” museum which I visited back in March 2010. … Continue reading

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Japan: Earth’s Enchanted Islands

There have been plenty of TV programmes about Japan over the years but they only really ever focus on Tokyo and Kyoto so it was refreshing that this three-part BBC documentary series exemplified that there is plenty of life beyond those two … Continue reading

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South Korea 2015 Pt III: Exercise, Games & Activities In Seoul

This mini-break (three days, two nights) was not really about experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of Seoul this time. Sure, we did that a bit by sampling local food a few times and visiting the Memorial of Korea museum … Continue reading

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Avengers Age Of Ultron Filming Locations In Seoul

Over the years Seoul has lived very much in the shadows of neighbouring places like Tokyo and Hong Kong when it comes to Asian locations being featured in western movie productions. This time though, Marvel Studios agreed to portray South Korea as a … Continue reading

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South Korea 2015 Pt II: Dining Out And Other Such Cultural Stuff

Our first taste of Korean food came in the wake of our trip to the War Memorial Of Korea museum. From there we took the train the short distance to ‘Meat-ing’ in the university area of Hongdae to go out … Continue reading

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South Korea 2015 Pt I: The War Memorial Of Korea

Following the previous nights earthquake interruptions we were up very early on Sunday morning to take the short flight from Haneda Airport to Seoul to spend a few days with my mate Ethan and his family. South Korea was actually the … Continue reading

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Back To The Hitachi Stadium After An Absence Of 11 Years!

Seven years to see Kashiwa Reysol in live action and then I end up seeing them play on consecutive weekends! The previous weekends game at FC Tokyo was a kind of bonus as when I looked at the fixture list … Continue reading

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Football Match Held Up By An Earthquake!

During the thirty years I’ve been attending football matches I’ve seen games delayed for injuries, floodlight failure, streakers, broken goals, overcrowding but J1 Matchday 14 added a fairly lengthy earthquake to that list. This wasn’t just any old delay though as it … Continue reading

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Hiroshima-ken 2015 Pt VII: Futabanosato Historical Walking Trail & Mitaki Temple

Going solo on my last day I headed out to do a bit of hiking around a couple of sights which featured in an alternative Hiroshima sights pamphlet passed on by my sister following her recent trip with her family. … Continue reading

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