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TF Top 10……Pepsi Japan Flavours

Following last weeks exhausting 83km bicycle ride amid temperatures reaching 34 degrees celsius I treated myself once back at home to a can of Cherry Coke which a student had given me a few days earlier. It took me back down memory … Continue reading

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Cycling The Godzilla Tokyo Trail…In One Day!

Following on from my Wolverine cycling trip, and with not too many other themed cycling ideas coming forth, I began to think about other filming location based rides. There was a clear winner which stamped all over the rest like no … Continue reading

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On Screen #5 – Thailand

This south-east Asian country has long been used in films but more often that not its just been used to replicate other Asian countries, particularly Vietnam, as was revealed in On Screen #1. This Tokyo Fox series though focuses primarily … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daytripper: Gojira-Koen (Godzilla Park)

In anticipation of a forthcoming Godzilla-themed cycling tour of Tokyo ahead of the very late Japan release (two months after the rest of the world!) of the 2014 movie, I was searching the internet last weekend to see if there were … Continue reading

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Teaching IELTS Classes At A Local University

Thanks to an ever growing network of connections I occasionally get offered temporary or part time teaching projects which I often turn down as five (sometimes six!) regular days work each week is more than enough for me. However, one came up … Continue reading

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Tokyo Fox’s World Cup 2014 Overview

Brazil 2014 promised to take this big world event to a country which really is the heartbeat of the World Cup and though it was fairly disastrous for England (and Japan) the tournament was much better than four years ago in South … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Park Hyatt Hotel, Shinjuku

It took me a while (many, many years!!) to get round to going to this hotel in Nishi-Shinjuku but my wedding day on July 7th (a.k.a. Tanabata) seemed the perfect opportunity to dine out on the 52nd floor of this … Continue reading

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I Got Married Today!

A stag night of debauchery followed by a lovely Summer’s day, church bells ringing, the brides beautiful long white dress, lots of family and friends present, confetti thrown everywhere, some witty and entertaining speeches, a highly decorated wedding cake, free-flowing champagne,  a … Continue reading

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The Charlotte Crosby Experience – The Furisode-San Of Tokyo

Now, I’ve got no real idea who Charlotte is. Sure, I know she’s from an MTV programme called ‘Geordie Shore‘ and that she was on ‘Celebrity Big Brother‘ but I have never seen her on those programmes and only really knew about … Continue reading

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TF Flashback – Kamikochi & Matsumoto (2005)

My first trip into Nagano was not actually for one of my many snowboarding expeditions in Hakuba but to the remote mountainous highlands of Kamikōchi (translates basically as Upper Highlands) on the western side of the prefecture. The reason for the outing … Continue reading

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