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Mimi Rabbit Cafe In Ikebukuro

  Around a decade ago there was a trend for Maid Cafe’s in Tokyo but in the last few years the craze has been for animal themed cafe’s. I’ve only been to a dog cafe (back in 2013) but there are also … Continue reading

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#ForceFriday – The Journey Towards The New Star Wars Movie Has Begun

It’s still a few months until ‘The Force Awakens‘ a.k.a. ‘Star Wars Episode VII‘ gets its worldwide release but for a while now September 4th has been billed as #ForceFriday; the journey towards the long awaited sequel to ‘Return Of … Continue reading

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Dining Out: I Ate Sheep Brain Curry & Ewe Better Believe It!!

I was having a quick peruse of the excellent RocketNews24 website last week when I saw an article about a Pakistani restaurant in Ikebukuro which serves sheep brain curry and thought I’d go along and see and experience it myself. … Continue reading

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Donald Ducks In N’ Out Of Tokyo

I think its fair to say that most people are put off from coming to visit me in Tokyo due to the high prices. Of course the fact that I am living in this metropolis is maybe also reason why only … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Umemoto In Zoshigaya

Yet another food story I’m afraid. Since I started jogging (over 3 months now and counting!) I have seen a lot more of my local area and on the days when I have ran in daylight I have often been past a tiny little … Continue reading

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Dining Out: A Sparrow In The Works!

On Saturday night I went to an early 20th century Japanese themed izakaya here in Ikebukuro which was full of many cheap dishes including some more unusual ones such as frog which I sampled. No problem eating this and it just tasted … Continue reading

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