Donald Ducks In N’ Out Of Tokyo

I think its fair to say that most people are put off from coming to visit me in Tokyo due to the high prices. Of course the fact that I am living in this metropolis is maybe also reason why only family have visited and that’s probably only because they felt obliged! That all changed a couple of weeks back when my number one Belgian friend Donald popped over for a short visit while he was in China on business.

We met earlier in the year when we travelled around Palawan in the Philippines for the best part of a week. He was left to his own devices in the day but i met up with him for food and drinks on each of the three nights he was ‘in town’. The ‘free hugs’ photo shown is at the chaotic Shibuya crossing and these people are generally ignored by all it seems. Not by a certain Belgian though who certainly wasn’t shy in mixing with the locals and just walking into places such as the capsule hotels which we looked around but didn’t stay in. I hope to one day though!

free hugs donaldintokyo 002

I took him to a couple of quirky bars near where I live in Ikebukuro including ‘Mysterious’ (basic dark izakaya featuring sexily dressed waitresses) and The Lockup which is a themed izakaya (Japanese style pub) entered through a Haunted House-style dungeon doorway where a sexy girl clad in a short pvc skirt and knee-high boots handcuffs herself to you and takes you to your dungeon cell which is your table for the night. The waiters and waitresses are resplendent in prison outfits and one of our drinks was a strange concoction of test tubes and scientific beakers laced with alcohol of some sort. Very Japanese but good fun.

donaldintokyo 005 DonaldInTokyo 011 DonaldInTokyo 012

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