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Japanorama & Adam And Joe Go Tokyo

Since I got my DivX player a few months back I have been going through some of my dvd downloads and I ended up watching two series’ about Japan. The first was Jonathan Ross’ Japanorama which was tucked away on the BBC3 schedule last … Continue reading

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The Pain Of Parents Observations!

Now this is maybe not what you think but to do with an injury I picked up in a kids lesson last Wednesday. For the last fortnight parents have had the opportunity to observe their children in one of their lessons. My … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Curry On Regardless

There are two weekly listings magazines for foreigners in Tokyo and they regularly review restaurants which I have always ignored. That was until last weekend when I went to an Indian cafe in Shinjuku which had been reviewed in ‘Notice … Continue reading

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African Festa 2007

It’s fair to say that I have been quite ignorant of all things African related throughout my life and my knowledge amounts to not much more than Cameroon’s exploits at Italia ’90, Live Aid and Comic Relief. That was re-addressed in some way on … Continue reading

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I’m The Invisible Man

Two examples yesterday of the frustration at times of being a foreigner in Japan. Of course there are many times when being an ‘alien’ works in my favour but its annoying when you’re trying to just go about simple things … Continue reading

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My Trusted Old Bag Is Head-ing For The Bin

For my birthday in 1992 I was given a black ‘Head’ ruck-sack by one of my sisters and almost everywhere I’ve been since then that bag has been with me. However, last months trip to the Philippines may well have been … Continue reading

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Lessons To Be Learned

Had some feedback a couple of weeks ago from my observation lesson at the start of May. This should have been the day after that but I asked for it to be postponed as I didn’t want to get up early that day … Continue reading

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