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A Spook-tacular Halloween (2009)

Last year was the first time I introduced my Star Wars lightsaber and Darth Vader mask into lessons by way of a tedious link to Halloween and all things evil. For Halloween this year I dusted off my self-made flashcards, … Continue reading

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Thriller Halloween Lessons

I don’t have to do any Halloween stuff in my lessons (and I don’t think many other teachers bother with it) but in order to raise my motivation I decided to do something this year for the adults as well … Continue reading

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Cycling The Yamanote Line

A couple of years ago a colleague wrote an article in our company’s in-house magazine about walking round the Yamanote line which is the circular line connecting most of the main stations in the heart of Tokyo. From that moment on I … Continue reading

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Pepsi Azuki

Azuki bean Pepsi was the latest flavour to be released yesterday. This is by far the worst one so far which says a lot when previous ones like Ice Cucumber and Shiso have been quite tolerable in my opinion.  

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A Galaxy Not So Far Away (From Where I Live)

The week before my final day in Tokiwadai I did a special kids lesson about Momotaro (Peach boy) and afterwards I got talking to one of the fathers who wanted to see my Star Wars travel photos from Tunisia and … Continue reading

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Fancy A Cully?

Typical Japanese restaurant spelling error. Often its just a handwritten mistake but this one in Gotanda is a proper sign. Do the owners or whoever never give it a thought to look up the actual correct spelling? Given that there … Continue reading

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Bowing Out Of Tokiwadai School

I finally left Tokiwadai school last month after 4.5 years which was not something I wanted and was a very sad moment for both me and my students. The reason for the change was that this school as well as … Continue reading

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