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A Spook-tacular Halloween (2009)

Last year was the first time I introduced my Star Wars lightsaber and Darth Vader mask into lessons by way of a tedious link to Halloween and all things evil. For Halloween this year I dusted off my self-made flashcards, … Continue reading

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Thriller Halloween Lessons

I don’t have to do any Halloween stuff in my lessons (and I don’t think many other teachers bother with it) but in order to raise my motivation I decided to do something this year for the adults as well … Continue reading

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Cycling The Yamanote Line

A couple of years ago a colleague wrote an article in our company’s in-house magazine about walking round the Yamanote line which is the circular line connecting most of the main stations in the heart of Tokyo. From that moment on I … Continue reading

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Pepsi Azuki

Azuki bean Pepsi was the latest flavour to be released yesterday. This is by far the worst one so far which says a lot when previous ones like Ice Cucumber and Shiso have been quite tolerable in my opinion.  

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A Galaxy Not So Far Away (From Where I Live)

The week before my final day in Tokiwadai I did a special kids lesson about Momotaro (Peach boy) and afterwards I got talking to one of the fathers who wanted to see my Star Wars travel photos from Tunisia and … Continue reading

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Fancy A Cully?

Typical Japanese restaurant spelling error. Often its just a handwritten mistake but this one in Gotanda is a proper sign. Do the owners or whoever never give it a thought to look up the actual correct spelling? Given that there … Continue reading

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Bowing Out Of Tokiwadai School

I finally left Tokiwadai school last month after 4.5 years which was not something I wanted and was a very sad moment for both me and my students. The reason for the change was that this school as well as … Continue reading

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Cheese Curry Cup Noodle

A few months ago I blogged about F-Cup Cookie after I had heard about it on Scott Mills’ Radio One podcast. I may be living in Japan but there are always things from Japan which make their way into the … Continue reading

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My First Bicycle In Japan Opens Up Many More Options For Me

One of the sad things about being here in Japan is that some really good friends go back home. One of those people who I thought would be here for longer than me was Ethan who I have known since … Continue reading

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