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I Feel The Earth Move!

I have always liked a sense of danger whether it be going snowboarding down the steepest of slopes, skydiving from 12,000 feet or doing three bungy jumps in one day including one from a ridiculously high 134metres. Anyway, thats enough … Continue reading

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Spring School – Done And Dusted!

I recently found out that I had to do four Spring schools on top of my regular schedule. These are basically a special two hour class for kids which the parents may or may not use as an excuse to get them out … Continue reading

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Hakuba Re-Visited Again & That’s Snow-Joke!!

The downside of my job is that I have to do 13 extra days cover work a year on top of my normal shift but the positive points are that I get so many more holidays than I did during my year with … Continue reading

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Dining Out: Making The Toast Of Our Time!

Met up in Shibuya today with a Japanese guy who I roomed with in Perth on my travels ‘down under’ many years ago. We went to a restaurant called “Who’s Foods” where we had something called ‘honey toast’ which is a … Continue reading

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March 14th Is White Day In Japan

Today in Japan is ‘White Day’ which is not a celebration of myself (my family name is White!) but is in fact a pure marketing day. Unlike Valentines Day in the west where both sexes give and receive, in Japan … Continue reading

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Another Day On The Piste!

Got back late Sunday night from another 24 hour round trip to Hakuba in Nagano (more than a few hours north of Tokyo for those not in the know) where I went snowboarding. Leaving Shinjuku at 11pm on Saturday night our bus arrived … Continue reading

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No Longer The Pod One Out!

They are only a few inches long yet give pleasure to so many. No I am not talking about the male anatomy!! In fact I am referring to iPods as I have finally jumped on this bandwagon by buying the iPod nano … Continue reading

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