Big Brother Is Watching You!

I had my contract observation this afternoon which on the whole went quite well and was a fun lesson. I was a little apprehensive beforehand but, to use a cliche, all nerves went out the window once i started. Maybe I had reason to be nervous as my observer was in a mood of disappointment following his teams Champions League exit in the morning.

This was my first adult observation since the start of May. In my last job we used to get observed more frequently and could also be seen and heard in all lessons by other teachers and the trainers. This could make you feel slightly uncomfortable at times but provided great amusement at others in terms of banter with the other teachers.

These days I teach in more usual classroom surroundings which makes for a relaxed environment for both teacher and student. However, when you have your boss in the room with you making notes on your performance its hard to do what you normally do without trying to think of what you’re supposed to do as laid out in the teaching manual or in initial training etc

My company basically only employs people with some kind of teaching qualification and we are very much left to our own devices. Working in a mostly enjoyable and relaxed environment and living comfortably in Tokyo has made up my mind to extend my contract beyond the end of April unless my boss thought different to me earlier today and decides I have no future here!!

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