A Sad Sayonara

In my last job who-taught-who was just sorted in a random way but in my present job I teach the same students at the same time each week. This can lead to good relationships being built up. It was therefore a sad occasion yesterday for me as one of my kids had her last lesson. Despite the communication problem you would expect between a 12 year old and myself we managed to strike up a good rapport. When she gave me a farewell card I wasn’t expecting it to say too much as kids tend to mostly just learn ‘parrot fashion’ without knowing what they’re always saying.

However, on reading it I was overcome with emotion and came close to shedding a tear but thankfully I regained my composure. Of course I have seen hundreds of students come in and out of my life while I have been in Japan but most of them happen without realisation but this girls words (though in broken English) affected me more than any other students words ever have.

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1 Response to A Sad Sayonara

  1. Gideon says:

    Hey Glen, I know the feeling. I got some very sweet notes from students in my High School who I’ve got to know pretty well over the past couple of years. Especially the ‘International Class’ which chose to learn more English. You see how much the time with them means to them.

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